Why Shopping Centers are Still Fun to Visit

From the earliest times of human society, the market place has always been a converging point for all the different members of the society. Traditionally, buying and selling takes place at these markets, people socialize there and news and information gets passed down to people there.

Over the years, things have evolved and trading activities are no longer limited to only the market place. As a matter of fact, even the market place has evolved and much more than just trading happens there. Today, such places are mostly referred to as shopping centers and much more than just buying and selling occur there.

What Are Shopping Centers?

These are basically very large enclosed halls housing various businesses where buying and selling takes place. They are also called shopping malls (mostly in the United States) and are mostly anchored by retail lines (also called department stores) that people visit for their various transactions. You can read more about it here.

Why Is It Such A Big Deal?

Originally, following from what the traditional market used to be, the shopping mall was supposed to be an improvement of that old model. The idea was for members of the community to have a place to gather at, make purchases and socially interact. Simply put, it was to be a cultural center for the community.

This idea was put to test and it was a huge success! It was such a success that one of the hallmarks of any town is the presence of a shopping center in it. Cities today have many such malls with multitudes of people trooping to it daily. Though the dynamics might have changed these days due to online purchases, it is still a largely thriving area of the society.

Types Of Shopping Centers

They are of two types according to the international council of shopping centers and they are:

  • Regional malls
  • Super-regional malls

Regional Malls

Basically, this is a mall of between 400000 square feet to 800000 square feet of areas that can be leased. It should also have two anchor stores at least.

Super-regional Malls

These are malls of over 800000 square feet of leasable area with at the very least, three anchors. Another key feature that it should have is that it should be the major shopping venue in the region with more variety, mass merchant and fashion apparel.

There is also a third category that are classified as not malls in many of the big western countries (they may not be classified as such elsewhere). Examples of these establishments include; festival marketplaces, strip malls, power centers etc. You can find out more about all the various malls around at https://www.yourarticlelibrary.com/mall-management/top-8-types-of-shopping-centers-management/87268.

Why Do People Go To Shopping Centers?


It is very convenient as it is a one stop shop for all the purchases that you want to make. It is also comfortable as it is indoors and you are not exposed to the elements as is obtainable in the traditional open air markets. This convenience even extends to its parking space.


Well, while it is said that variety is the spice of life; it is definitely the spice of shopping centers as it is one of the major reasons that people come to it. This is because, it will usually have the retail line of major brands in the country and indeed the world. For example, competing brands in the fashion industry will have their stores their giving the potential customer who visits a lot of options to choose from.

For Entertainment

Another reason why people go to the mall is for relaxation and entertainment. This is because, many malls have entertainment facilities for both the adults and the little ones. There are also areas that one can go to just for sightseeing or take your children to their playground facilities to have a good time.

Today, due to the competition online services are giving these traditional malls, they are now also adding various facets to their activities to improve on their customer appeal. This means that you can now find restaurants for wining and dining, movie theatres, event centers, hotel accommodations, apartments and offices for rents.

The fact is, just as malls where an upgrade from the traditional markets of old, you can actually say that currently, the concept of shopping centers is being reimagined as the times change. Therefore, you can now go to shopping centers not just to make purchases, but also to have a good time and create good memories with your loved ones.


Buying and selling is one activity that will always persist in one form or the other in civilized society. Be it making orders online and having your orders delivered to you or through the trading of stocks or through any other activity.

However, the market place experience is always unique in that there is a bit of sightseeing and social aspect to it. Shopping centers maximize this advantage, adding comfort, variety and even entertainment to it, making it an experience that is worth having continuously.

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