The Best Shows To Stream About Tattoos

One positive thing that COVID-19 has done for me is that it has given me loads of time to think about what tattoos to get. Usually, I get a tattoo when inspiration strikes. In other words, it happens only occasionally. Now, however, having been unable to get inked for months, I have ideas that could cover sleeves for both my arms and legs!

Technically, I could go get some tattoos, with parlors open safely. But the pandemic has been difficult financially for everyone, and I need to save up first.

In the meantime, there are plenty of series through which to vicariously enjoy the art of tattooing. Find out how to watch Firestick from restricted countries to get access to all the tattoo content. Then go and watch the following shows.

How Far Is Tattoo Far

While technically being a network production, considering it comes from MTV, How Far Tattoo Far is available through Amazon and, in parts, on YouTube. Starring Nico Torterrila and Snookie as hosts, How Far Is Tattoo Far is a wild ride.

The concept is simple. Two friends agree to let each other design anything they want to tattoo on each other’s bodies. They could tattoo something nice. But that would be no fun. Most of the contestants choose to use the opportunity for revenge, to make a crude joke, or to prove a point.

How far can they go without destroying their relationship forever? There are some nightmare tattoos that see the light of day, making you cringe and laugh while thanking the universe that you don’t have friends like that.

Be sure to catch the British version, Just Tattoo of Us, as well.


Are you more interested in the story behind why tattoos are popular and how they work? Netflix’s Explained has an episode explaining everything. To be honest, there is a lot I didn’t know, even though I thought I was a bit of an expert myself.

Where did tattoos come from? And why are they now seen as something modern and rebellious, when they used to be sacred tradition? The nitty-gritty of why it lasts the rest of your life is also incredibly interesting.

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist: Whang-Od

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist follows Whang-Od, a 102-year-old Filipino tattoo artist. To watch her work is to get a view into the living history of the art. If you think modern day tattooing is painful, Whang-Od has news for you. Her traditional way of tattooing is out of style for a reason, but this also means she is the last remaining unicorn and what she does should be treasured. You can find her story on YouTube.

Bad Ink

Another show about bad tattoos, this one takes a kinder approach, and gives its subjects the opportunity to make something out of a past mistake. Instead of leaving the tattoo on them as an embarrassment for the rest of their lives, expert tattoo artist Dirk Vermin finds ways to cover the mess up or turn it into something beautiful.

Originally airing on A&E in 2013/14, Vermin’s work stands up until today, and can be found on Amazon Prime Video in some countries.

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