Russian Women Join a Tattoo Trend

For youngsters and adults, tattoos have become an important part of the culture. The trends in this field vary from one country to another with people endorsing their preferred or personalized styles. For example, Russian women like their tattoos to be bold reflections of their personality. Mostly, we don’t see many girls with tattoos, but when they do, they make those true depictions of their feelings and emotions. In short, it has now become the trendiest way to express yourself.

Considering modern tattoos, we see that they have become more elaborate with rich colors and patterns. The choice of the tattoo depends entirely on the individual as the drawing is usually a representation of some secret meaning. Some people choose to get a tattoo because they want to be different while others consider it an amulet. However, there are a few who prefer to get it done to hide a scar or a skin imperfection. We are going to discuss female tattoos in detail and the most popular ones amongst girls in this article.

Hot Girls with Tattoos: Some Common Trends

Tattoos date back to ancient times when people used to engrave anything on their skin that held some strong meaning for them. During the orthodox period, tattoos were banned in Russia and only returned at the start of the 19th century. Quite often, the females have an inclination towards tattoos because they want to enhance their beauty. We will go into further details and try to understand the latest trends regarding female tattoos in 2018.

Tattoos for Women: Back, Chest, Hand, or Thigh?

In the current era, not only the designs of the tattoos have evolved but their location has changed as well. Still, the most popular place to get a tattoo is either the neck or the wrist. The back tattoos for women have lost their charm because that area of the body remains covered by clothes most of the time.

Other popular choices are the shoulders or the shoulder blades. Even the waist tattoos are no longer common because of their lost relevance. The girls prefer their tattoos to be noticeable, and this is the reason that they even choose their ankles to get tattooed. The size of the tattoo doesn’t matter because that is an entirely personal matter.

Girls are okay to get tattoos on their private parts since it is a growing trend. However, the most shocking of all is that girls are okay to get them on their face too. This is to make a strong statement because the foremost choice is to have the tattoo at such a body part, which is so noticeable. If you want more people to see your tattoo, you can get it engraved on your arms.

The question here is the kind of tattoos, which the females prefer to get. They might want to get a soft tattoo like a bow or a dragon engraved on their body to demonstrate their fierce side. It is a good idea to consult tattoo masters because they can also suggest some great tattoo ideas for hands or other body parts.

The basic aim of females to get tattoos is to enhance the beauty of their body and make it more attractive. Many psychologists are of the view that tattoos also help women in boosting their self-esteem. It is wise not to follow the trends blindly while choosing a tattoo. Consult a professional tattoo master and see for yourself the kind of tattoo image and size that will suit you most.

Tattoo Ideas for Russian Women: Flowers

The flower tattoos give a very feminine look, and this is definitely the most popular trend in 2018. Each tattoo master has his or her own skills and expertise when it comes to flowers and can easily make them fashionable. Usually, the females choose rose or lily as tattoo flowers.

We all know that lily is an ancient flower that signifies a noble and innocent soul. It is quite common to be pulled towards something with which we connect so if a girl chooses a lily tattoo, this definitely means that she wants to emphasize her tenderness and fragility.

Rose is another common choice as it is a worldwide symbol of love. This design can also be improvised as per the wishes of the person and the changes to the design tend to say a lot about the girl herself.

Tattoo Ideas for Russian Women: Inscriptions

A new and quite well-known trend is to opt for inscriptions in the tattoo. Many girls choose Latin to be the language so that whatever is written is only understandable to them. It is quite exciting to instill a feeling of curiosity in the people who see your tattoo.

After choosing a tattoo master, you can easily consult him or her regarding the font and style of the inscription. It is entirely up to you on how you would like it to be but getting a consultation would be effective anyway.

Tattoo Ideas for Russian Women: Birds and Butterflies

Usually, a butterfly tattoo is a depiction of freedom, femininity, and romantic feelings. In 2018, it has become quite a favorite of the Russian and Ukrainian girls. Quite often, a butterfly tattoo on your body also depicts a significant change in life, for example, marriage or motherhood. It can also be a representation of a good career boost or an achievement or any other important milestone.

Many people treat this tattoo to be a refinement of the body. Getting a colored butterfly is trendy, and you can even get it in combination with any other design like a flame or a frame.

Another choice this year would be to get a bird tattoo. Whether you want a miniature bird or a flock of birds, the choice is all yours. Many girls prefer to get bird tattoos of owls, hummingbirds, or swallows.

Some tattoo artists are so skilled that they can draw voluminous tattoos which give a very real and natural look. Thanks to 3D-technology, a realistic effect has also been achieved in this field. Most of the girls and women come to tattoo artists in a hope to disguise the deformities of their body and to improve their appearance. They leave the salon being hot and confident chicks with tattoos.

There is a huge variety of tattoos and your artist is there to fulfill all your needs. The foremost thing is to choose such an image which you can connect with and fully understand its meaning. Thus, it should resonate with your personality.

As a Western man makes a decision to date a Russian girl, he should also make clear his preference regarding tattoos. The women from this side of the world are quite feminine yet empowered to express themselves however they want. If you are already intrigued, find out more about them in the blog on

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