115 Beautiful Quotes Tattoo Designs To Ink

Aiming for a stylish and funky look? You should try to get a tattoo and make your style unique. The artistic tattoo designs symbolize confidence, smartness, toughness, aggressiveness, and coolness. Not all people can tolerate the pain of the tattoo art on their skin but for some, it is a state-of-the-art symbol for their fashion and character. Wearing tattoo is ain’t gone bad, actually, it connotes a deeper sense of meaning hence, you should try having a tattoo either fake or real for a cool and tough appearance.

An Encouraging Tattoo on the Shoulder

quotes tattoo designs (1)

This phrase might be just one of the most famous motivation especially for the youth. The challenges just make an individual even stronger.

Life Matters Tattoo Art at the Back

quotes tattoo designs (2)

To live is really quite a hard thing at times. But it’s essence lies beneath every struggles and joy of the adventure of life.

Biblical Verses Inspired Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade Part

quotes tattoo designs (3)

This is probably one of the most beautiful motivational bible verses. this verse carries the strength everyone should have.

A Love Mark near the Collar Bone

quotes tattoo designs (4)

Love is a playful thing in this world but is also the force that keeps those who believe and accept one another.

Philosophically Inspired Art Symbol

quotes tattoo designs (5)

A deep meaning of literature is represented by this phrase of Hemmingway. Writing is powered by the meaning of each word.

Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade Part in Memory of a Special Someone

quotes tattoo designs (6)

This bible verse is so powerful within its thoughts and words is just the perfect choice to dedicate with someone special to cherish memories.

Motivating Mark on the Arm

quotes tattoo designs (7)

Just like a mountain, aim higher, be tall as your dreams and also the most important of all, stand your ground.

Couple Tattoos for an Eternal Love

quotes tattoo designs (11)

A romantic meaning and an artistic calligraphy to make a great tattoo is just the perfect thing for couples.

Happy-Go-Lucky Motivation Symbol

Meaningful friendship tattoo designs on upper back girl looks cool with a ribbon tied under the quote. A friendship worth immortalized as a tattoo for someone who considered meaningful.
Meaningful friendship tattoo designs on upper back girl looks cool with a ribbon tied under the quote. A friendship worth immortalized as a tattoo for someone who considered meaningful.

With these three words what could possibly go wrong? Life is quite hard but after those storms, learn to still live, love and laugh.

Loving is Unconditional Emblem on the Arm

quotes tattoo designs (13)

Unconditional love is single in meaning but requires a lot to prove to someone. Everyone deserves an unconditional love.

Cute Art on the Shoulder about Life Matters

quotes tattoo designs (14)

This represents the diversity of people in terms of culture, attitude, age, but still holds the uniqueness of each one and the importance to live with it.

Encouraging Quote Tattoo on the Thigh

quotes tattoo designs (15)

Five words that shows and represent the bravest and confident heart of girls.

Influential Philosophy Designed on the Arm

quotes tattoo designs (16)

A phrase that is containing a thought of sacrifice of someone in order to help others.

Quote for the Survival of Humanity

quotes tattoo designs (17)

Every kid is afraid of mythical, legendary, or animated creatures or monsters that as they grow old, they seem to know who the real monsters are.

Undying Love Message Tattoed on the Hips

quotes tattoo designs (18)

Love is eternal, and for those who found what true love is, the two hearts won’t be separated by distance.

Inspirational Life Matter Sayings on Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (19)

Every one in the world are different and beautiful creation has his own flaws.

Friendship Tattoo Art Goals

quotes tattoo designs (20)

To have the best person at your side at all times deserve a dedication tattoo as a sign of friendship.

Artistically Tattoed Quotation on Hips

quotes tattoo designs (21)

What a wonderful art to apreciate the given days in our life.

Cute Round Tattoo on the Foot

quotes tattoo designs (22)

This tattoo is quite too unique in its form and location and is beautifully created.

Tattoo to Show Off Your Toughness

quotes tattoo designs (23)

Every girl or a lady has her won attribute and character but are always the same with their own strengths.

Tattoo Sayings Imprinted at the Back

quotes tattoo designs (24)

This portion of the body is a beautiful place to write this wonderful phrase with an undying meaning.

Life Matters Tattoo Quotes

quotes tattoo designs (25)

A beautifully placed tattoo phrase with a deep meaning. Everyone is responsible for his own success and sadly his own destruction.

Wishes And Tattoes At Your Back

quotes tattoo designs (26)

Every human being has his own situation, and with every granted hope there are wishes that have their place and are waiting to happen.

Biblical Verse Tattoo on the Chest

quotes tattoo designs (27)

This tattoo is an artistic devotion to the almighty creator and shows the appreciation given to every human being.

Keep Your Life Spirited with this Quote

quotes tattoo designs (28)

Women are as capable and powerful as men. this tattoo represents all the ladies who are taking their dreams bravely.

Tattoo for a Successful Goal

quotes tattoo designs (29)

This tattoo reminisces and celebrates the hardships and success of life.

Guide Your Life’s Direction in this Inspirational Quote

quotes tattoo designs (30)

What an incredible art of tattoo that carries a powerful and intelligent thought about change and wisdom.

Being Contented in Love and Life Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (31)

This tattoo is containing the essence of love which is acceptance.

Full of Motivation Quote Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (32)

A tattoo with birds flying high and a meaningful thought that symbolizes the sacrifice and benefits of trying and the flying independently and confidently.

Body Symbol of Faith

quotes tattoo designs (33)

In this kind of living today. this phrase is truly helpful for those who are losing the courage and intimidated by some earthly factors. Live by faith, not by sight.

Best Tattoo Saying for the Marines

quotes tattoo designs (34)

One of the sayings that perfectly suits the sailor. the sea is a vast area on earth that is molding the environment and also the people that sail in it.

Little Sayings Tattoed on the Wrist

quotes tattoo designs (35)

Cute little three words that helds big meaning to someone.

Quote Emblem for Eternal Love

quotes tattoo designs (36)

This cute tattoo symbolizes the bond of romantic love between two people that values each other.

Amazing Inspirational Quote with Black Feathers Designs

quotes tattoo designs (37)

It is a masterpiece in its form of graphic design and the food literature. This tattoo is truly wonderful in everything.

An Encouraging Two-Worded Tattoo related to Life and Death

quotes tattoo designs (38)

Two words, infinite meaning. this tattoo symbolozes life in the form or essence of breathing.

A Symbol of Your Undying Courage

quotes tattoo designs (39)

A person’s life depends on his decision, so to be happy in life, a person’s success should be from his decisions and control.

Tattoo in Memory of a Lost Child

quotes tattoo designs (40)

This is an undying love of a parent that cherish and remembers his child that is now in the hands of the almighty creator.

A Nice Tattoo Art that Reminds Independence

quotes tattoo designs (41)

A colored tattoo that contains the message of motivation, and being strong despite the challenges in life.

The Tattoo of Encouragement

quotes tattoo designs (42)

This tattoo has the thought of the blending of good and negative actions of man. But on every mistake, there will always be the chance and opportunity to improve.

The Symbo of Decision Making

quotes tattoo designs (43)

A quite mind-bending thought is carried by this phrase but it is still one to be understood and bring to life.

The Mark of Happiness

quotes tattoo designs (44)

Happiness is rather a word and thought that could be achieved for different reasons. happiness is achieved by a person’s an action.

Hold Up Your Strength and Dignity Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (45)

A bible verse that says the strength of every lady, moving forward from every obstacle and moving towards future without fear.

A Daring Tattoo on the Breast

quotes tattoo designs (46)

Uniquely placed tattoo that symbolizes honesty, and faith. It is also the phrase that is familiar for almost everyone.

The Emblem of Being Optimistic

quotes tattoo designs (47)

Being optimistic plays a big role in the life of a person. Life is not just about the success but is also about surpassing every dark time in life.

Fearless Symbol of Being Optimistic

quotes tattoo designs (48)

Tattoo with the thought that carries a powerful message of motivation to surpass every dark times in life.

The 6 Essence of Life in Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (49)

Every person has his own values that he carries in life. this is an example of this thoughts and is also artistically created as a tattoo.

Tattoo Symbol that Drives You Forward

quotes tattoo designs (50)

Accompanied by its design this tattoo’s message spreads the need of a person to explore life.

An Emblem that Reminds You to Follow Your Dreams

quotes tattoo designs (51)

Dreams are limitless. People’s ambitions are possibly achieved but without the courage to make the actions they will be just dreams.

Unique yet Meaningful Symbol

quotes tattoo designs (52)

A harry potter inspired tattoo is quite unique. It is also accompanied by an artistic image of a pen.

The Symbol of Positivity on the Wrist

quotes tattoo designs (53)

A tattoo that is comprised of two words but is containing an endless explanation of positivity and optimism.

Tattoo with Full of Hope Meaning

quotes tattoo designs (54)

A short sentence with a great message of courage and patience and is accompanied by a cute image of Winnie the pooh.

Looking for the Perfect Soul Mate Symbol

quotes tattoo designs (55)

This adorable tattoo has the message of the loving parents saying that angels are real and they have even held one in their hands.

A Mark of Believing in Oneself

quotes tattoo designs (56)

Believing in one’s self in front every dark challenges in life is essential in his over-all adventure of his life.

A Mark of Reality Versus Fantasy

quotes tattoo designs (57)

There is a difference between fantasy and reality., but the essence of life is to live every fantasy and bring them to reality.

Live Life to the Fullest Symbol

quotes tattoo designs (58)

Dreaming is not wrong. But to live with just the dreams that haven’t been brought to life is just wasting time that could be just spent living the true life.

Beautiful Tattoo Sayings for the Philosophers

quotes tattoo designs (59)

A phrase holding the beauty of literature with the words of beautiful poetry.

As Justin Bieber Says, “Love Yourself”

quotes tattoo designs (60)

Tattoo that reminds of love, respect and take good care of one’s self.

The Tattoo that Implies Questioning Existence

quotes tattoo designs (61)

This tattoo conatins a question that is yet to be answered by someone who asks about his existence.

Inspired by the Bible Verses Tattoo Art

quotes tattoo designs (62)

Bible verses are one of the best choices of tattoos to be inked on the body. Like this one which is inked in red and symbol of fire.

Set Your Foot in Finding Your Dreams

quotes tattoo designs (63)

A tattoo that delivers the message of being adventurous and curious without the fear of being lost from people’s negative thoughts.

The Mark of Patience

quotes tattoo designs (64)

Patience is the key. Every dream and desire can be achieved with courage and patience.

Tattoo that Defines Encouragement

quotes tattoo designs (65)

A symbol of sacrifice, generosity, love and freedom. On every success lies behind a cause and reason to be confident and brave.

Tattoo Meaning: Don’t Get Busy All the Time – Have Fun!

quotes tattoo designs (66)

Happiness makes every dark times of a person disappear. It is a must that he should not limit his happiness with his happiness with his negative thoughts.

A Loved One to be Remembered Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (67)

A beautifully written phrase to remember a special person that have come in her life.

Love and Acceptance Tattoo Art

quotes tattoo designs (68)

The symbol of love is in this phrase which says acceptance of the right love is received with all appreciation.

A Tattoo that Tells Have Faith to the Lord

quotes tattoo designs (69)

This tattoo has a pure message of courage and love to the almighty creator. Courage is so strong that it defeats fear.

A Symbol that Explains Life’s Experiences

quotes tattoo designs (70)

The reality of life is that in order for it to be perfect, it needs to be balanced with good and bad experiences.

The Emblem of Finding the Right One

quotes tattoo designs (71)

A tattoo that is made from devotion and sadness but still possess the essence of love and sacrifices.

A Music Piece from the Song, “Chasing Cars”


This is a wonderful lyric from a beautiful song which emphasizes the love and affetion of two people.

The Tattoo that Reminds You with Reality

quotes tattoo designs (73)

Dreams are made to be the inspiration to live, they should not stay as mere part of unrealistic fantasies.

Show Off Your Genuine Identity

quotes tattoo designs (74)

The world is the place where different individuals with their own characteristics and values live, so you must live and carry the values that will bring change to the would you are living.

The Symbol of Longing

quotes tattoo designs (75)

Memories from someone so special and kind are the ones that bring tears and also the courage to continue the life he made you realize how beautiful it was.

The Quote about Life

quotes tattoo designs (76)

Be a beautiful creature in this world that embodies love and affection but you must also be a strong person with an unbreakable heart.

Artistically Tattoed Quote on the Shoulder

quotes tattoo designs (77)

A person’s uniqueness and beauty with the goodness of heart will achieve the right time to be an inspiration to someone.

The Tattoo Memoire of Life

quotes tattoo designs (78)

Life is full of surprises and it is not a matter of years you lived but by the numerous moments that made you realize you’re alive.

Galileo Inspired Tattoo Quotation

quotes tattoo designs (79)

Galileo the master of the skies has said this beautiful phrase that says to everyone to love the few good things in life and not be afraid of the dark times.

Symbolical Meaning of the Lotus Flower Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (80)

This lotus represents an undying beauty that has grown in an environment full of dark matter. There will always be a good thing from every dark time of life.

Gothic Style Tattoo Lettering

quotes tattoo designs (81)

An artistic form of letters with the message of a persons freedom.

The Tattoo of Infinite Love

quotes tattoo designs (82)

This has got to be one of the cutest tattoos with adorable letters and meaning into it.

Love and Acceptance Tattoo in Cursive Lettering

quotes tattoo designs (83)

A perfect form of letter style for a meaningful message of love.

Affection, Protection, and Love of a Man Symbol

quotes tattoo designs (84)

Ladies will always be part of a man’s world no matter how big or small it might be.

Cute Tattoo on the Arm

quotes tattoo designs (85)

A cute print of tattoo with a message about music and the magic that it does in every person’s life.

Tattoo Art, Music, and Love

quotes tattoo designs (86)

Art, music and love are connected from one another. love is an art of romance and affection, love can be expressed through the rhythm of magic.

Beautiful Calligraphy Tattoed on the Chest

quotes tattoo designs (87)

This is a tattoo in a form of beautiful calligraphy with a message about eternity.

A Tattoo Message Of Motivation

quotes tattoo designs (88)

A little tattoo in cute form has an encouraging thought to help survive every challenge in a man’s life.

A Peter Pan Inspired Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (89)

Peter pan might be one of the perfect symbols of youth and is then an inspiration for a cute tattoo.

Tattoo that Implies Value of Life

quotes tattoo designs (90)

Life’s meaning is as diverse as the people. But for everyone who struggle from life’s setbacks, learn to laugh and love every second of your life.

Ezekiel 25:17 Tattoo Art on the Legs

quotes tattoo designs (91)

This is a lengthy but deserving tattoo to be worn by someone who lives by the lord’s words and teachings.

The Tattoo Quotations that Lifts Your Strength

quotes tattoo designs (92)

This is truly motivational thought, to fight for what is right and not being scared to death because life itself is a gift with heroes living with it.

Gothic Style Calligraphy Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (93)

Calligraphy is an art appreciated by many and what can make it better is a phrase that everyone can relate to.

Classical Lettering in Tattoo Art

quotes tattoo designs (94)

This classical style of writing makes this tattoo more special aside from its own beautiful meaning.

Black and Red Combination Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (95)

A person’s dream shouldn’t be just a fantasy, he himself should be the one responsible for his own dream’s achievement.

A Sassy and Cute Tattoo Sayings

quotes tattoo designs (96)

This fine worded tattoo contains the sassy and young essence of life.

Awesome Tattoo that Drives You to Speak What’s Right

quotes tattoo designs (97)

Being confident to who you are and to what it is that you do and don’t consider the negative people around.

A Calligraphy Tattoo in Bolded Font Style

quotes tattoo designs (98)

This is a tattoo inked in a wonderful form of design, with the phrase “Everything happens for a reason” – which actually is one of the most famous phrases of life.

A Rather Unusual Thought of Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (99)

The thought of this tattoo comes from a deep reason and the other side of every art.

French Inspired Sentences

quotes tattoo designs (100)

This simple yet attractive style of writing makes this tattoo mpre interesting aside from it’s origin of language.

The Tattoo For Value of Music

quotes tattoo designs (101)

A tattoo that simply described a deeper understanding of the life of every song that keeps every one of us alive.

Inspiration as to be Independent

quotes tattoo designs (102)

This is an interesting idea for a tattoo as it is written backward and it is also containing a rather sad meaning.

Beautifully Drawn Lines of Letters

quotes tattoo designs (103)

Promises are promises and will not be broken especially for people who made them with determination and pure willingness.

Show Someone the Good in them

quotes tattoo designs (104)

An Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoo with attractive clock and playing card symbols and message saying being mad is part of everyone’s life.

Tattoo Thoughts for the Senses

quotes tattoo designs (105)

A tattoo that has a content like a ridle but is certainly appealing in its own thought.

Deep Feelings are Inside these Words

quotes tattoo designs (106)

This is a tattoo with a pure dedication and a meaning that is surely breathe taking.

Tatto with the Words of Life

quotes tattoo designs (107)

Life is truly complicated, but with the right mind and values such as these, nothing can go horribly wrong.

Walt Disney Inspired Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (108)

It feels great to be young but being young is not just about age, it is about our feelings, and dreams. Our dreams can be achieved only with pure courage.

Deep Inspiration of Literature Tattoo at the Back

quotes tattoo designs (109)

This poetic tattoo is one of a kind. This is a living legend for literature as it carries poems with great meanings.

Tattoo that Represents the Essence of Life

quotes tattoo designs (110)

Truly essential values in life. Three words but has great meanings to everyone of us.

A Cute Dedication for the Special One

quotes tattoo designs (111)

This is an adorable and simple tattoo of dedication with the name of that special one.

Italian Inspiration of Words

quotes tattoo designs (112)

Attractive accent and combination of letters. this tattoo is created with patriotism and artistry.

Cute and Meaningful Tattoo

quotes tattoo designs (113)

This tattoo is adorably designed and the thougth “Remember who you are” written in a beautiful form is just captivating.

The Thought of a Brave Adventure

quotes tattoo designs (114)

This tattoo’s intention is to directly send a message of confidence and curiosity to discover the answers from their questions.

The Bravery and Affection Women

quotes tattoo designs (115)

Women are as lovely as their hearts. their beautiful faces are as strong as their love and care.

Tattoo that Highlights the Good than the Bad

quotes tattoo designs (8)

Challenges in life and relationships are tough, but for lovers with pure intentions, there will always be the good things to be happy about.

Tattoo that Contains the Thought of Joy

quotes tattoo designs (9)

This is one great tattoo design for ladies as it contains the feminine feeling of design and the thought of being young, confident and free.

The Sad Part of Love

quotes tattoo designs (10)

Designed with birds and a feather. this is a romantic tattoo with a message that is from a heart starts to cry.

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