101 Cute Preppy Outfits For Girls

Based on definition, preppy pertains to the style of dress that are typically seen in girls or women who are attending or have attended a expensive prep school. This means skirts, cardigans, blazers and plain shirts. Not much bodysuits, tattered jeans and denim cut-offs. Mostly, these women purchase their clothes over at expensive clothing stores and maintain a prim and proper decorum. However, as time passed by and media played a huge role in the society, the preppy style meant something else.

cute preppy outfits (1)
This look is perfect for casual days or an early office meeting. Simple yet stylish.
cute preppy outfits (1)
Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon and this simple look is one of the reasons why.
cute preppy outfits (2)
This is one evidence of how important blazers are in your wardrobe. It will give an extra ounce of professionalism in your outfit.

Everything had changed when the TV series Gossip Girl have shown elegant, sophisticated women in their natural habitat. Blair Waldorf, played by the amazing Leighton Meester, has managed to show how rich girls dress and act. This was followed by Glee, which was set on a high school and showed how diverse fashion was, but it all pointed towards the same direction. This upsurge in the number of preppy fashion icons gave way to numerous Pinterest posts about skirts and cardigans. And now, we are seeing a new age of preppy fashion; a time that is more open to changes and new styles. But, if you want to go preppy, here are some of the things you need to have in your closet pull off the look.

cute preppy outfits (3)

A very cute combination of blue and pink with just the right amount of sophistication.

cute preppy outfits (4)
A black dress can be cute too! Just wear a blazer over them and let your quirkiness shine.
cute preppy outfits (5)
The perfect school outfit that lets your inner socialite shine.
cute preppy outfits (6)
Get lost at a new place in style.


This clothing item screams sophistication. You can look elegant and posed with a blazer. The good thing is that it comes in different colors, so you can play up your style whichever way you want to. It is also very versatile. You can wear it to the office, a formal event or a family dinner. Invest in one know and you are already one step ahead to looking sophisticated.

cute preppy outfits (7)
The key to looking chic is to find the balance. One way to achieve that is to mix and match fitted and loose pieces together.
cute preppy outfits (8)
Stay within the conservative zone without being too boring.


There are a lot of reasons why you need to get yourself you own sweaters. One, they are versatile. You can wear it as is or layer it on top of a shirt. Two, there are a bunch of sweaters out there that has cute designs and prints that will make you look adorable. And third, you can wear it in a variety of ways in a variety of occasions. Just know how to style one and you’ll be good to go.

cute preppy outfits (9)
Stay cozy during rainy days in style by pairing scarves, boots and pants.
cute preppy outfits (10)
A loose top with boots and tight pants? Perfection.


Not everyone is well-coordinated enough to wear a pair of heels. So, to look cool and escape the torture device known as high heels, settle for a good pair of flats. Flats are probably one of the easiest types of footwear to match outfits with. They are very feminine and goes well with a lot of outfits. They are also extremely comfortable and can help you get through a day without blisters.

There are a lot of different ways to look preppy. Just remember to stay true to your style and always remember to be who you really are.

cute preppy outfits (11)
All the basic closet pieces made better by a colorful cardigan. So, start investing in one!
cute preppy outfits (12)
A cool halter top with shorts is probably the best summer outfit.
cute preppy outfits (13)
Brighten up your look with a bright pink blazer.
cute preppy outfits (14)
One of the biggest trends these days is pairing a dress with sneakers. This is one way to pull that look off.
cute preppy outfits (15)
Show some skin and sophistication with this outfit. Pair a halter top with high-waist shorts and cover up with a blazer.
cute preppy outfits (16)
A must have outfit for a sophisticated, elegant look; above-the-knee skirts and a colored, long-sleeved shirt.
cute preppy outfits (17)
Break the monotony and show people your rebellious side by wearing a cool jacket and aviators over your cute dress.
cute preppy outfits (18)
Dress like grown-up by wearing neutral colored blazers over a plain top and a pair of white pants.
cute preppy outfits (19)
Plaid shirts get an upgrade by pairing them with bright shorts and a cool attitude.
cute preppy outfits (20)
Layer a sweater over your shirt and protect yourself from the cold while looking stylish.
cute preppy outfits (21)
Another way to wear the sweater-over -shirt combo is to wear them with sneakers and look sporty and classy.
cute preppy outfits (22)
Feeling a bit skinny? Look fuller by wearing this striped tops with white pants and a pair of matching low-heeled pumps.
cute preppy outfits (23)
Look elegant and presentable by wearing this lovely dress an a pair of open-toed heels.
cute preppy outfits (24)
Be trendy by rocking a vibrant pink dress with below the knee boots and a vest.
cute preppy outfits (25)
Feel the school spirit while wearing this pencil skirt with a black sweater over a white shirt.
cute preppy outfits (26)
Look incredibly chic in school by rocking this knitted sweater and a plaid skirt.
cute preppy outfits (27)
Look cool and relaxed with this gorgeous ensemble.
cute preppy outfits (28)
Slay office fashion with a corporate blazer over a dark hued top and top this look with a pair of bright colored pants and some serious looking pumps.
cute preppy outfits (29)
Be ready for office and an after work dinner date by wearing a nice set of pants, white shirt and a colorful cardigan. make everything look cute and interesting by wearing a little bow.
cute preppy outfits (30)
Be sporty and cool by rocking a white sneaker look. Wear them with your usual casual wear and give your outfit and extra edge.
cute preppy outfits (31)
Look cute in peach by wearing a sweater over a grey top, a pair of jeans and some heels.
cute preppy outfits (32)
When wearing brightly colored pieces, don’t go over board and wear bright colors everywhere. Stick with neutral colored pieces then match your vibrant color outfit with accessories.
cute preppy outfits (33)
Be ready for a dinner date and a stroll in the park by wearing jeans, a cute top and a jacket. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!
cute preppy outfits (34)
Play the layering game right by wearing a skirt over leggings and a shirt over a cute sweater.
cute preppy outfits (35)
Wear your colors right and everything will fall into place.
cute preppy outfits (36)
Make contrast your best friend by matching a light blue shirt over a dark red sweater.
cute preppy outfits (37)
Add a color punch to your outfits by mixing neutral colored tops with vibrant blazers and cute shoes.
cute preppy outfits (38)
Dress like grown-up by wearing neutral colored blazers over a plain top and a pair of white pants.
cute preppy outfits (39)
Liven up your top with clothes that has cute and unique accents on them. make sure they would go well with the over-all look.
cute preppy outfits (40)
Be stylishly funky with this cute white top and black skirt combination. Break the monotony by wearing a beige cardigan.
cute preppy outfits (41)
If every you choose to go for the all-black look, change up your look by wearing a jacket or accessories that has a bright color.
cute preppy outfits (42)
Be stylish and chic by mixing neutral colors and the right textures together. Pull this look off for instant sophistication.
Who says nerdy people can’t look cute?? Brighten up your face with a red scarf and change from nerdy to trendy.
cute preppy outfits (44)
A staple item in your closet in order to loom preppy: A large handbag. NEVER FORGET IT.
cute preppy outfits (45)
Be colorful with this cool mix of yellow sweater under a bright red jacket and a pair of blue pants.
cute preppy outfits (46)
When going monochromatic, remember to play with textures and weight.
cute preppy outfits (47)
A long blazer can help you look taller and make your entire outfit look more stylish.
cute preppy outfits (48)
If you want to make the entire look more colorful, try not to rely on your clothes too much. Opt for a brightly colored bag for a good mix of style and function.
cute preppy outfits (49)
Stay warm during the gloomy season by wearing a coat over your cute outfit. Make sure it works for your frame and fits you well.
cute preppy outfits (50)
Learn to mix and play with different types of fabric and styles, like denim.
cute preppy outfits (51)
Pair a floral dress with a pair of neutral colored heels and look summer ready.
cute preppy outfits (52)
Mix up your look by wearing your outfits under a bomber jacket.
cute preppy outfits (53)
Play with shades and try to mix dark and light hues.
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Sometimes, being preppy means layering too much clothes. Learn to stick the balance between comfort and style and make sure to always choose comfort.
cute preppy outfits (55)
Look elegant in a cute pink and white checkered dress. Pair them with ankle straps and a cute handbag and you look ready for a date.
cute preppy outfits (56)
Blacks and white can be a bit boring. Mix up your outfit with a punch of bright colors like blue or red.
cute preppy outfits (57)
Blacks and white can be a bit boring. Mix up your outfit with a punch of bright colors like blue or red.
cute preppy outfits (58)
Remember to mix and match colors PROPERLY. Don’t go overboard and try to stay calm.
Who says nerdy people can’t look cute?? Brighten up your face with a red scarf and change from nerdy to trendy.
cute preppy outfits (60)
Remember what we talked about black and white being boring? You can also shake things up by wearing animal prints like leopard.
cute preppy outfits (61)
The perfect example of wearing monochromes the right way.
cute preppy outfits (62)
Another good way o showing the right way to wear clothes of the same shade.
cute preppy outfits (63)
Look fierce and fabulous in the simplest ways. Tuck your shirt the right way and you will look more badass.
Again, learn how to be simple and you will go the distance, fashion-wise.
cute preppy outfits (65)
Playing the shade game right, pair a dark blue top and heels with a bright red skirt and you will look cool.
cute preppy outfits (66)
Stay cool with a nice coat and you’ll be stylish and comfortable at the same time.
cute preppy outfits (67)
Stay trendy with this off-shoulder top and a nice pair of red heels.
cute preppy outfits (68)
Stay cool by wearing the leggings over shorts combo. Stay warm and stay cool.
cute preppy outfits (69)
One way to brighten up office outfits? Wear a nice, colored blazer.
Where else would you look for style inspiration? Taylor Swift just proved that she is the best in everything, including fashion.
cute preppy outfits (71)
Play the layering game right by wearing a skirt over leggings and a shirt over a cute sweater.
cute preppy outfits (72)
A simple T-shirt and some jeans is enough to look preppy. Just make sure to bring the confidence and elegance with you all the time.
cute preppy outfits (73)
Stay sweet yet stylish with this cool ensemble.
cute preppy outfits (74)
Look ready to rock and roll with this leather party.
cute preppy outfits (75)
Be timeless and sty elegant. This is truly one of most women’s goals in life; to age fabulously.
cute preppy outfits (76)
Grey top and black skirt with a pair of dark red low-cut boots. Look chic as ever.
cute preppy outfits (77)
A nice top with just jeans will be more than enough if paired with a nice, cute pair of nude pumps.
cute preppy outfits (78)
Break the boring monotony of black and white by wearing a punch of color.
cute preppy outfits (79)
Be ready from any event by wearing this nice blue and white combo.
cute preppy outfits (80)
Blue on the top and all black at the bottom. What a cool way to play with colors!
cute preppy outfits (81)
Need some help incorporating colors to your outfits? Try wearing floral dresses and tops.
cute preppy outfits (82)
One way to add some oomph in your outfit? Wear some badass sunnies.
cute preppy outfits (83)
Remember what we were talking about wearing floral pieces to add some spunk into your outfits? Here’s the best example.
cute preppy outfits (84)
An oversized top over jeans and some boots can give off a nice cool vibe.
cute preppy outfits (85)
Add some drama to basic pieces by wearing one that has a good details of designs, accents and detail to them. This gives of a fresh look to the outfit.
cute preppy outfits (86)
Look delicate and stunning by wearing a metallic pair of heels with your neutral colored outfits. Stay alert for Prince Charming.
cute preppy outfits (87)
Look preppy and chic by tucking in a long sleeved shirt over jeans and doll shoes. Don’t forget the matching jewelry and the bag!
cute preppy outfits (88)
Prepare to explore a new place by wearing cute, simple pieces and make sure to wear a cardigan or a blazer to keep yourself warm.
cute preppy outfits (89)
Look alive and colorful with this cute combination of white and green on lace.
cute preppy outfits (90)
Add some spunk to your outfit by wearing a nice denim jacket and some white sneakers.

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