How To Please A Woman In Bed

The question of physical satisfaction is always relevant for men and women. The art of seduction, satisfaction and the art of role-playing games should be mastered by everyone, who want to enjoy sexual life. According to statistics, only 25 percent of women are satisfied with their sex life. It sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

The underlying reasons for the absence of satisfaction may be various: emotional, psychological, and physical. But there’s nothing a true man can’t change!

Hence, there are some tips how to please a woman in bed. Stick to them and become the man, who will always put a smile on his woman’s face!

What Girls Like In Bed

It is known that men and women are from different planets, but sex is a universal language, which unites both sexes. Even if the woman says “No” it doesn’t mean that she actually means it. Be creative, try new things and consider only the response of her body. If she likes it, continue! Here are some tips for you:


Women like dominant men. They start the foreplay, tease them, make women want to touch and kiss them. Always be confident, do what you like and if her body is trembling, you are on the right way. Remember that for women, nothing is sexier than feeling sexy and desired. Express your dominance in the following ways:

  • Pull her hair, it is extra stimulating when she is aroused. Pull her locks when you are behind her, some women find it extremely sexy. Also, you may pull her hair when she is on top.
  • Be insanely erotic to her. For instance, in a missionary pose, hold her wrists above the head.
  • Grab her when you want to alter positions and put where you want to. But be careful, you should be confident and dominant, but not offensive.
  • Hold her hips and push them back and forth when she’s on top, caress her lips with your fingers and put a thumb in her mouth.
  • Spank her gently during the intercourse.


Teasing awakens desire and makes the woman excited. She likes being touched. Start slowly, explore, kiss, communicate, make the first part of your intercourse tender. Here are a few ways how to do it:

  • Run your fingers around her neck when you kiss her.
  • Kiss her neck and run the fingers around the breast.
  • Rub the nipples, kiss them gently, or even bite softly.
  • Run your hands up and down along her legs and hips, caress the skin. This technique is very effective as the woman turns on fast.
  • Move the fingers inside of the pants and panties when she is wearing them.
  • Rub around her sensitive place, gently caressing. Oral stimulation is important, but it should be tender and slow.
  • Touch her special spot gently. Your favorite directions should be 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Don’t try the “alphabet method” (writing letters with your tongue), it almost never works because it lacks consistency.
  • Kiss and caress her legs and thighs.

Talking Dirty

Any woman wants to feel the sexiest woman on Earth. For this, always express what you feel for her through dirty talks. Tell her your most daring dreams, describe what you like to do with her next, what you like most of all in her body, how turned you are and how good you want to make her feel. Besides, focus not only on her physical virtues, speak about her character, it will turn her on. Besides, many men consider that self-confidence, wisdom, and wit are the best sexy traits of any woman.

Be descriptive, passionate and if you talk about her body parts, prove your words by licking, sucking and kissing them. If you don’t have any idea how to express your feelings through words, get inspiration from dirty quotes.

Kissing During The Intercourse

Many men forget about kisses once the foreplay is over and women really don’t like it. For women, kissing during the intercourse is something, which makes the partners more intimate and brings them even closer. It may be quick kisses, which you put all over the body or tongue-filled kisses, which support your passion or slow and gentle kisses, which are always sensual and romantic.


Women love with their ears, so when they hear how sexy, attractive and great they are, it turns them on. Tell her how she makes you feel, how sensitive her skin is, how sweet her lips are. It will keep her aroused.


A true man always knows how to impress and please his woman. Make her feel irresistible: smell her body, then turn her around and cover the neck with kisses. Organize candlelight dinners and tell her that you want her right there and right now. Combine romance and passion. Besides, refrain from taking her to the bed, an unusual place will add excitement. The couch, the bath, kitchen or the floor may be your options.


A woman wants to be number one for her man. So, always put her desires first. Show with touches and kisses how much you love and appreciate her. Kiss and lick her special spots, make her feel comfortable during the intercourse, control yourself and learn how to hold on for longer because the satisfaction of your woman should come first.

Foreplay Ideas For Women

A foreplay is vital as it sets up the mood, it awakens all feelings and adds a zest to sex. Women are very sensitive and the foreplay gives them the emotional boost. Check out these foreplay ideas for women. Use them and impress your loved one!

  1. Pamper her breast

The breast area is very sensitive as it has nerve endings, one of the most important parts of it is nipples. They may be large or small. Big nipples are often hypersensitive as they have more nerve endings. Don’t be aggressive, drive your fingertips around them, lick and kiss nipples. Drive around the contour of the entire breast, lift it with your hands, it will also be extremely pleasing to the woman.

  1. Pay attention to her legs

The breast is an erogenous zone for many women. However, many of them like being touched everywhere and legs are a special spot. Massage her legs from the buttocks to the fingertips with your hands. Then, repeat the same route using your lips and the tongue. Also, the inner thigh is a sensitive place, so kiss and touch it.

  1. Pay attention to her neck

The area between the ear and the collarbone is very thin and sensitive. You may lick this area starting from the earlobe and moving down along the neck to the collarbone. She will get tingles as the warmth of the tongue and the coolness of the breath is the best combination for the woman.

  1. Play with her body

You may kiss, tease, caress and lick her body, but you may also play with it. Think out of the box and get creative in bed with aphrodisiacs such as chocolate or oysters. Cover the belly with chocolate sauce and lick it all or put the oysters on legs, hands and eat them. Don’t forget to kiss your woman during this game!

Besides, you may use a piece of ice as a tool to turn her on. Take it and run your hand with a piece of ice around the neck, breast, hips, legs, then cover the same parts of the body with kisses.


Thus, with these tips and tricks, you can master the art of seduction and satisfaction and then, you can rock your woman’s world by keeping her satisfied both physically and emotionally.

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