Obsessed With Your Weight? Here are the Signs You’re Ignoring

So there’s this thing that we have a love-hate relationship with, you know? One day it makes us happy and the next time, it can send us into a full-on depressive state… why? Because it’s so judgemental! It’s not judgment on just any kind of level either, it’s judgment on a superficial level, which is the worst kind of judgment! So, what is this judgemental, superficial entity that makes you love yourself and then loathe yourself? It’s the infamous bathroom scale.

So why are we so obsessed with the scale? It can be our friend for a few days and then the next thing you know, it’s our enemy. We’ll hop on it only to not like what it says or make excuses as to why the number is what it is… nonetheless, we still continue to use it. Although we tend to have this love-hate relationship with the scale, the scale really isn’t such a bad thing to have in your home… it’s just gotten a bad rep over the years.

When the scale is used properly, it can actually be a great tool for weight management but where people go wrong is, using it for more than its purpose. A scale is a tool used for weight management, right? It measures the total weight of all of your body parts but for most people, they use it to measure who they are as a person. The number you see on the scale doesn’t define you as a person but unfortunately, lots of people allow it to. They let that number determine their self-worth as well.

In doing that, people will turn to these ridiculous diets to change that number on the scale. Diets like the baby food diet or the air diet are real diets that people have tried that made absolutely no impact on their weight. People just don’t want to put in the time or the work to lose weight the healthy way. Can you lose weight in a week? Yes, and you can do it the healthy way. You’re not going to lose 20 pounds in a week but you definitely can lose weight in a week with a healthy eating regimen and exercise.

The real key to losing weight actually starts in the kitchen. You might have heard that before and that statement couldn’t be any truer. Regardless of how much you work out, if you’re not eating right, the weight will never come off of you. Recipes from the Mediterranean Diet all promote heart and brain health and fight chronic diseases and inflammation, not to mention, the recipes are full of flavor and delicious… But do you know what one of the biggest perks are of this diet, in addition to those health benefits? It’s weight loss. According to CNN, the Mediterranean diet is the best diet of 2019.

So, if you want to change that number on the scale, it truly does start in the kitchen. But the real question is, even if you incorporated these healthy habits, eating right and exercising, would you be able to stay away from the scale? Those who are obsessed with their weight can’t stay away from the scale, regardless of what size they are. Could you be showing signs of being obsessed with your weight and not realize it? Possibly so. Take a look at these signs to see if you are indeed obsessed with your weight.

Biggest Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Weight

You Hop on the Scale More Than Once a Day

Your body weight fluctuates from day to day and throughout the day so hopping on the scale multiple times throughout the day is just setting yourself up for disappointment and discouragement… you’re ultimately fighting a losing battle. If you feel like you can’t stop yourself from weighing in more than once a week, then you’re going to be heading on a downward spiral to self-destruction.

You Don’t Accept Compliments About Your Appearance

This is something a lot of people are guilty of but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re obsessed with their weight. The way you can tell that someone is obsessed with their weight is dependent upon how they respond to the compliment. If someone gives you a compliment on your appearance and your response sounds like this “I’m so bloated today” or “Thanks but I’ve got to get this weight off of me.”


Responses like that should let yourself know that you might have an obsession with your weight or that you at least are headed to an obsession. Not only that, it lets other people know that you might have a problem too. When someone gives you a compliment and you can’t find it in yourself to accept it, it’s time to do some self-evaluation.

The Scale Determines Your Value For the Day

When you hop on the scale and it shows you a number you’re happy with, you feel like a million bucks… you have all the confidence in the world and will gladly accept a compliment. But the next time you hop on the scale, those numbers read differently than it did the last time… So what happens then? Your entire mood changes and you don’t see that same confident person you saw before; you see a person of lesser value.


That’s not how you should dictate your self-worth and value. Life happens and sometimes we gain weight in the midst of it all but a number on the scale should be your mood killer. A lot of the times, being obsessed with your weight is much deeper than just the weight. There are ultimately some underlying psychological issues happening that make your weight become an issue in addition to what’s going on with you mentally and emotionally.


If you find yourself obsessed with your weight, consider making some lifestyle changes with your eating habits as well as incorporating more physical activities in your daily routines but you also might want to consider talking to a therapist as well. All too often people focus on their physical health and not their mental health.

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