How To Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Isn’t it the worst feeling in the world when the one guy you really like doesn’t even seem to know you exist? Let’s explore why this happens, what you can do to stop it from happening, and then let’s turn the tables so that you can get the guy of your dreams to fall in love with you!

The First Step to Being Lucky in Love

The first thing you must do if you want to attract the right men into your life is to stop thinking that you are the one with the problem. There is nothing wrong with you, even if you think you are ugly, fat or boring! I can assure you that there is something attractive about every single girl on this planet, but the women who are unlucky in love just don’t know how to tap into it. Once you know what the secret is to attract the right attention from a man, you will realize that what you previously thought men wanted was completely wrong. And this will be the first step towards being lucky in love.

Have you ever wondered how even the most ordinary-looking girls and guys can end up in loving and fulfilled relationships? Well it’s not because anyone is settling for less! Let me share the secret with you…

People are always attracted to an inner glow! Once you discover your inner glow you will have achieved the first step towards being lucky in love.

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

What Exactly Is An Inner Glow, and How Do I Get It?

When you were younger and you cautiously presented the project you had worked on all over the summer to your class, feeling insecure and worried at what people would think, do you ever remember experiencing a feeling that spread throughout your whole self when your teacher praised you and said it was your best work yet? That, my friends, is what I call “inner glow”!

Inner glow is…

  • A swelling feeling of self pride
  • Reassuring happiness that comes from within
  • Warm and fuzzy sensations that spread throughout your body
  • A great big open smile across your face
  • Calm, knowing, assertiveness

In short, to achieve an inner glow you must feel confident within yourself, and know that you are fabulous. And the best thing about it is that being fabulous does not mean that you have to have a tiny waist, or be good at singing, or be able to make people laugh with your witty jokes, or have luscious flowing silken hair. Being fabulous is all about being the best version of YOU. And the more unique you are and different from everyone else, the better!

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What Does Inner Glow Have To Do With Making a Guy Fall For You?

This is the part where you discover what men really want, and you realize that everything you ever believed about boys is going to be utterly useless to you from now on. (It’s called growing up, darling!)

Men are not as shallow as you think. Yes they may enjoy looking at hot women with perfect bodies, and they may fantasize about having a trophy girlfriend on their arm – it’s a male ego thing – they want to look good in front of all of their mates. But it isn’t really what they want!

I have been out on the field and I have asked lots of men what they find attractive in women, and what their idea of the perfect girlfriend is, and not once did beauty come into it. Instead, the following traits tended to be more dcommon:

  • She has to have a good personality
  • Someone I can have a laugh with
  • I don’t want a high maintenance girl
  • She should be fun to be around
  • I want a girlfriend who is caring
  • I like a girl who knows who she is
  • She shouldn’t be too needy
  • She has to love her job
  • I find independent women sexy
  • Creative in the bedroom!

So as you can see, this paints a very clear picture of what most men want in a woman. Basically we are talking about a woman who is in control of her own life, is confident in who she is and what she likes/does, and she doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete. Imagine – if you could be this kind of woman, you’d probably be walking around with an inner glow too, wouldn’t you?

How To Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Isn’t There More To Making a Guy Fall For You Than Inner Glow Though?

Yes of course, that’s just the first step! Once you have established your self-esteem, which is crucial so don’t skip it – you then have to follow this foolproof plan to get your guy…

The Foolproof Plan to Get a Guy to fall in Love With You

Once you feel confident within yourself, and you are glowing internally, people should naturally start to gravitate towards you, including the guy you like. This is because everybody wants to be around someone who is natural, confident, happy and inspiring. The more you stop looking for the approval of others and just focus on being a fabulous version of you, suddenly people will sit up and take notice.

To make sure that you are attracting the attention of you guy pay attention to the following…

  • Direct your new carefree and positive energy towards him. It’s simple – just smile! Be warm, open and honest with your smile. He will want to smile back.
  • Draw him in. You don’t want him to feel on the outside, so make him a part of whatever you are doing. Make conversation, laugh with him, and invite him to be a part of your everyday experiences.
  • Create a strong and connection. When a man really admires you, he wants to feel closer to you. Nurture that special bond by allowing your friendship to blossom. Talk on an intimate level to show him you trust him. Go to him for help or advice.

But make Sure You Avoid The Friendship Trap

This is a delicate stage though, because you could easily slip into the friend zone, which is often disastrous, because once you’re there it is unlikely you will ever progress on into a relationship if he decides that you are just friends!

The way to avoid the friendship trap is to always remember that you are an attractive female, and always remember what it is that you want from your guy. You want him to fall head over heels madly in love with you!

Constantly remind him of your sensuality and femininity – never let him treat you like one of the lads.

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…And The Ultimate Secret to Getting a Guy To Fall in Love With You Is?

Give him the thrill of the chase! It’s as simple as that. Always make sure he knows that you find him attractive, and that deep down you want more from him than just friendship, but the longer you can hold out, the more he will want you.

The trick to playing hard to get though is not to put him off by making him think you’re not interested at all. You have to find the right balance of giving a little, but not everything, then holding the essential bits back so that he can enjoy the the fact that you are a challenge.

The reason playing with the idea of a challenge helps to draw a man in deeper, is because men appreciate getting something when the challenge was tough, because it feels like more of an achievement. They feel like they have really worked hard for it. The harder he has to work to get you, the more worthy he will feel and the more special you will be to him.

This is why it is so important to achieve your inner glow first, because if you believe you’re worth chasing after, so will he!

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