Is the internet a blessing or a curse for modern relationships?

There can be no denying online dating has taken the world by storm over the past decade. So many singles are now choosing to explore the seemingly limitless possibilities of virtual matchmaking, rather than competing with all the other singles in the more traditional dating outlets. As well as signing up for any one of a diverse range of sites, you can take the shortcut of selecting a 100 dating sites on a specialized review service that will help to point you in the right direction.

Choice and compatibility

When it comes to relying on the Internet, there are pros and cons. In so many aspects, utilizing this form of communication is a blessing for relationships. You now have so much more choice at your disposal, enabling you to home in on those individuals who would be most compatible. Previously, singles hanging around in bars or nightclubs had no way of ascertaining anyone’s background before approaching them and striking up a conversation.

Nowadays, it is possible to gain many details by reading dating profiles. This allows you to narrow down the possibilities, selecting those other site users who would be most compatible. Dating sites also employ algorithms designed to ensure members have every chance of being paired with the most appropriate person.

Dating websites will also put you in touch with individuals who are likely to be seeking the same outcome. You may well have experienced issues when trying to connect in offline situations, where someone you wanted to get to know better was being guarded, or playing mind games. The singles gravitating to dating sites tend to do so because they are serious about their intent.

Developing chemistry

There are also discreet lines of communication in dating sites, enabling users to strike up a rapport, taking advantage of the relaxing environment to exchange messages, feeling free to divulge more personal thoughts from the comfort of their own home. This atmosphere is far more conducive to honest and open conversation than having to shout to be heard above the din of a noisy nightclub. Genuine emotions and feelings will be kindled in this way, allowing site users to quickly approach the stage when they can feel confident enough to leave the Internet behind and start meeting in the real world.

Trust issues

Conversely, the Internet can often prove to be a curse where relationships are concerned. The anonymity of these platforms means that when you start interacting with someone, you have no way of being 100% sure who you are chatting to is genuine. Your first contact is with a profile photo and a series of text descriptions. You are exchanging text messages with an avatar and must be wholly reliant on the person at the other end of the line being who they claim to be.

Although in the vast majority of instances they will be, there are antisocial individuals out there who are no such thing. The Internet has introduced a whole new range of words into the modern lexicon. You could end up being ‘catfished,’ where the single who has caught your attention is hiding behind a fake profile. In some cases, the catfish is eager to earn your trust, before dropping subtle hints about moneymaking schemes or enquiring about passwords to your online banking.

If you do get the hint that something isn’t quite right with the way someone is leading you, broach your suspicions immediately. Report them to site administration. Also, one potent aspect of the Internet unavailable in the real world is that you can block someone with a press of a button.

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