Is Comforter Good for Heavy Winter?

When do all of us want home comfort and warmth if not in winter? Winter snowy evenings are perfect to hide under a comforter and create your own cozy little world, reading a book or watching your favorite series.

All you need to assure such a dream pleasure and a carefree sleep in the warmth is to choose an ideal solid comforter.

Why Solid Comforter Is the Best Choice for Winter Nights

Weather is unpredictable, so, it is better to always be prepared for the harsh winter. To stay warm and get enough sleep, you must find a cover with the best heat insulation just like a comforter.

Although a comforter is thinner than a duvet, it is considered a universal cover when it comes to protection from cold during the night. The point is that duvets are heavy, which often becomes a problem for those who sweat at night. Under the duvet, the body temperature is running on the hot side quite fast.

Meanwhile, a comforter is lighter. It is designed to trap body heat but still allows the skin to breathe. Moreover, comforters are fluffy, which makes them softer and increases coziness.

Where to Buy a High-Quality Comforter?

Linens & Hutch is a well-known provider of bed linen of the best quality. The company has items to offer customers who are looking for warm comforters for heavy winter. The collection of comforters includes models made of several materials that assure breathability and insulation:

·         Down. This material has the best thermal characteristics. If you live in a cold region, this option is ideal for you. High-density material perfectly protects against severe frosts. Furthermore, down is hypoallergenic, so it is appropriate for people with allergies to dust mites or feathers. However, down is not considered a durable material, and maintenance of down comforters takes effort.

·         Feathers. It is the most popular alternative to down. However, feathers are much cheaper and easier to take care of. Thus, it is quite simple to clean comforters made of such material. Feather comforters are not as soft as down ones but still provide excellent cold protection.

·         Microfiber. The material is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Microfiber is considered a material that combines the best features of feathers and down. Comforters made of microfiber are durable, soft, and appropriate for people with allergies. What is more, the price is pretty good. However, microfiber cannot provide that level of cold containment as down and feathers.

Besides the choice of the material of the comforter, Linens & Hutch offers a great color palette. The company cares not only about your comfort but the interior and atmosphere of your bedroom.

Linens & Hutch presents solid comforters in the following colors:

·         Navy

·         Gray

·         White

·         Sage

·         Ivory

·         Chocolate

There are reversible comforter sets available in such color combinations as:

·         Aqua-light-gray

·         Gray-light-gray

·         Blush-white

·         White-ivory

·         Navy-light-gray

·         Taupe-chocolate

·         Sage-ivory

It is possible to order 8-piece comforter sets in colors:

·         Aqua

·         Navy

·         Gray

·         Ivory

·         White

·         Chocolate

·         Purple

·         Sage

Linens & Hutch provides comforters and sets for any size you need, including Twin, Queen, King, etc.

Every model offered by the company has its individual product card on the official website. The card presents several pictures of the comforter taken from different angles (in different colors), the price, a detailed description of the product, and its overview. In addition, there, you can find reviews from customers who have already chosen a certain model.

Aside from quality bed linen, the company is famous for its great safe service. Linens & Hutch provides a 101-night guarantee for all goods, free shipping, and product return.

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