Future Advice: Coping with the Prospect of Divorce

It is an unfortunate fact of life that at some point many people will have to deal with the prospect of a divorce. Should you find yourself in this position, the process can be emotionally draining, time consuming and costly, so it needs to be handled with care. Here we offer some practical advice that may help individuals cope with the prospect of divorce.

Try to Find an Amicable Solution

Things can become extremely messy when a couple who are facing a divorce are unable to agree on how it should be handled. It is, of course, a big deal and may involve many important factors including the custody of children, the division of finances, property issues and on top of all that emotional factors.

No matter how complex or emotionally involved the divorce is, it is worth bearing in mind that the divorces that are least stressful, expensive and the least enduring are those that are settled amicably. That is to say that couples who can agree on how to proceed privately have the best time of it – try to work it out between yourselves.

In the UK, couples need to have been separated for 2 years before they can legally divorce and so matters that are not pressing can be considered over time.

Legal Mediation     

If it turns out that coming to a private agreement, in an amicable fashion, is not possible, then the most sensible course of action may be to explore legal mediation via family law lawyers. In this instance trained professionals with act to give objective advice and guidance in the hope of reaching a solution.

Legal mediation is preferable to a full blown legal divorce that involves going to court as it is less costly and quicker. Mediation is also less stressful and being so has less impact on the parties directly and indirectly involved.

Business and Pleasure

During the process of separation and divorce, it is important to look after yourself. Try to keep the divorce and work sperate – work will often act as a place where you can forget about your problems and therefore switch off from it for a while.

Talking with family and friends can also serve as a great form of comfort, reassurance and help you navigate the road ahead. Finally, eating healthily and taking regular exercise will help minimise stress and help you to cope with the process of divorce.

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