Engagement Party; organize the best one ever

The engagement is a very romantic occasion where you hand over an engagement ring in a beautiful ambiance and hold the hand of your beloved one. Often this event is celebrated together with an engagement party, which can take place on the same day as a surprise party or the following days as a pure engagement party.

Align And Organize The Engagement Party

Similar to a wedding, an engagement party requires quality time and organizational skills. As more and more couples engage in spontaneous engagement these days, there is often no time to do anything special, and only a quick, spontaneous party has to be set up.

So you can either organize a surprise party for the engagement or host a planned event that everyone knows beforehand. If good friends or family know about the project, you can plan and organize the most important things at an early stage.

Step 1: Guest List

Start your project with a guest list, which should tend to be shorter than the wedding guest list. At most engagement celebrations, only the closest friends and relatives are invited. Do not forget you, groomsmen and parents.

Step 2: Location Finding

A suitable location for an engagement party should always be quite easy, as people tend to celebrate in a small circle. There are nice restaurants but also chic lounges in question, in which snacks, food, and drinks are served in a cozy atmosphere according to desire and need. Alternatively, you can also celebrate at home (but not in a dark party room) or in the garden. Doing everything on your own saves a lot of money.

Step 3: Send invitations

This is, of course, only if the engagement party is not a surprise or spontaneous. If you can plan in peace, there is also time for a few small invitations. These should or can be held quite loose-formal and announce the joyous event. Make sure that the most important points, such as an address, time, and occasion, are communicated.

Ideas And Tips For Engagement Parties

With a few helpful tips and good ideas, you can make the engagement party a little better and aligned appropriately, as well.

Good, But Not Too Good

An excellent tip is that you should always have the actual wedding/wedding celebration in mind when designing the ceremony. This means that with this celebration you should not steal the actual highlight of the wedding of the show. Organize a good party, but do not make such a thing out of it, so that generations will remember it. There should be potential for growth at the actual wedding and offer only a small foretaste.

Solo Entertainer

To put a little fun on the floor, it can be quite fitting to engage an accomplished solo entertainer to make mood at your party. Depending on the gusto, this can be a comedian, a magician or even a musician or dancer or acrobat.

Make An Outdoor Engagement Party

Do it differently than most, and move your party outside. An outdoor engagement party, in the garden or a park, can be great if you do it right. Think of the right decoration and provide enough umbrellas if the weather should not play.

Decoration Of The Engagement Location

The decoration is no big deal at engagement parties unless combined with an extra motto. The basic mood should be cheerful, lively, and loving and align with the chosen location. Also, the decoration should provide a little taste of the actual wedding.

Heart balloons in white and red are always a good choice to spread loving and in love mood. It can be a bit more here and not just an isolated love balloon somewhere in the corner.

Fresh flowers, flower arrangements, and flower chains decorate tables and sitting areas reliably and to the occasion. It may be a little festive, so you can also think about candlelight or candlesticks. Those who prefer it in the modern “lounge-style” largely refrained from candles and worked with light colors, diffused lighting elements, and indirect light sources.

Eating And Drinking At An Engagement Party

Also at this point, you have comparatively easy, if you have decided on a celebration in a restaurant or club. In advance, you can choose dishes and also goose menu, which are then served. Even buffets are always quite popular.

If you are organizing the engagement party yourself, you can either order a catering service, or you can take care of your food and drink. If you do not want to do anything great, make a cake buffet or make a barbecue or a barbecue party. It can be a bit more elaborate if you wish to offer finger food, small snacks, and a few dishes. The latter is especially recommended if it is a small celebration with an overwhelming number of guests.

About drinks, there are always festive refreshments to drink together, such as wine, champagne, or sparkling wine. Later in the evening, cocktails can be mixed and served. Non-alcoholic drinks such as orange juice and tea and coffee should always be prepared.

Legs Guess

The groom and future bride get blindfolded with a scarf. All present men would line up in an array and free their right leg. The future bride must now identify by palpation, which the groom is.

Clothespeg Search Game

There should be 2-3 pairs, each facing each other. Each partner is blindfolded. The other is placed ten clothespins at different points of the body. The couple, who by palpating with their mouths and without using their hands first to find and collect all clothespins, is the winner.

Engagement Twister

At the Engagement Twister, several couples compete against the engagement pair. Who has an original Twisterfeld, can use this. Alternatively, colored spots in red, yellow, green, and blue are painted on the ground, each representing a part of the body such as right/left foot or right/left hand. With a rotary sheath, which has exactly these colors, now the color is determined. The first player of the team must now do exactly this instruction and put his body part on exactly the field. This always goes on and on until the first pair falls over, or it just does not manage to occupy a swatch.

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