Your Guide to Making Updates to Your Bedroom Décor

Your bedroom is the one place in the world where you should be able to relax, recuperate, and find your center. It is, therefore, important that your bedroom décor should be completely congruent to your personality and personal taste, a place where you can be yourself and feel at home. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should consider when pulling your bedroom décor together.

Use Subtle Hues

Even though bright and lively tones have their place in interior design, incorporating them into your bedroom may not be the best idea. This is simply because bright colors can inhibit the concept of tranquility and serenity. Of course, if this is not what you are going for, feel free to use stronger tones. You can also use subdued tones of your favorite color in your bedroom. Many people are afraid that this may give their room a gloomy appearance, but this is not the case at all, especially if you add additional elements like plants of brightly colored curtains.

Value Simplicity

Ideally, your bedroom should only contain the bare necessities. Get rid of clutter like magazines and find a place for all your clothes where they are organized and out of your way. One of your best friends, when you are decluttering your bedroom, is storage solutions that are innovative and space saving. Even though you may have a lot of storage space, make sure that the content of your closet of shelf space is organized and minimalistic.

Also, make sure that your bedroom doesn’t contain any unnecessary furniture. At the very most, you should only have your bed, an accent chair, nightstands, and your dresser in your bedroom.


When updating your bedroom décor, one of the must-haves is a high-quality rug. A rug will not only protect your floor, but it will also provide your bedroom with a sense of comfort and coziness. It is important that your rug should have the right size. It should either occupy the space underneath the foot-end of the bed and the adjacent space, or it should be large enough to accommodate your entire bed as well as both night stands.

Furniture Size

Your bedroom furniture should not only be the right size in relation to one another but also in relation to the size of your bedroom. When you decorate your bedroom from scratch, it may be a good idea to create a scale drawing of your bedroom to determine the maximum measurements of your furniture before you go out to buy. This will ensure that your bedroom is not dominated by large furniture. Also, when your furniture is too small, individual units may look lost. If you have a large bedroom, add an ottoman or some other piece of furniture at the foot end of the bed.

Add a Reading Nook

Use your accent chair to designate a personal nook where you can read. If possible, have the chair look out of a window and add a footstool as a comfort feature. If there is space, you can also add a little bookshelf to isolate your reading nook from the rest of your room. Also, make sure that there is adequate lighting in your reading nook, be it from natural light through the window or from a standing lamp.

Luxury Linens

Comfortable bed sheets will increase the feeling of luxury and comfort in your bedroom. Don’t settle for anything other than 100% cotton or linen with a thread count of 350 or more. This will contribute to a good night’s sleep and ensure that you wake up fresh every morning, ready to start the day.

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