How to Write a Good Essay

Writing a college essay is not as easy as it seems at first. It requires quite little research but much of analytical thinking. Students at colleges are often asked to write many essays piece.

Essays let a person to express his or her conclusions on a given topic. Conclusions should be grounded on facts and figures, which fall under analysis. That often is hard for students. They prefer to buy a college research paper on writing platforms. Such businesses offer the service of professional writers. These are some useful hints and tips on how to write the best essay possible.

What Is the Key to Success of an Essay

Even though writing an essay is easier compared to thesis writing, it is still not that easy. Essay is a real research paper. That means it is a scientific work. As any academic work it requires much efforts to accomplish it.

There are several characteristics that will make your essay paper a successful one:

  • Essays involve research and analysis. In order to derive fine and valuable conclusions you can’t simply take an educated guess. Each thought has to be based on strong argumentation. Taking this requirement into account, you can understand that it is hard to come to fine conclusions.
  • Analysis of highly reliable sources. You can’t base your work on newspapers only. You need to use academic literature. You have to choose the valuable thoughts from it.
  • Essay does not belong to creative writing. You should structure each piece respectively. Each part of an essay is necessary to come to right conclusions. Academic work structure did not really change for centuries. So, it is not a good idea to break the rules.

These are some of the basic requirements for writing a good essay. Though, if you want to get a high grade for your work, you also have to take care of writing style requirements. 


How Important Is the Manner of Writing

Each research work should also be written in fine manner. It has fully to comply with academic writing requirements. Here are some of them:

  • Consistency of writing. Your text has to contain good balance of facts and your personal analytical thoughts. You can’t simply rewrite well-known facts. You have to provide analytical justification of each of written statements.
  • Proper lexics. Vocabulary for an essay has to be appropriate. In order to write with proper vocabulary, you have to master the topic you write about. Otherwise, you will fail.
  • Advanced syntax construction. Your sentences can’t be composed of three – five words. They have to be complex and to contain multiple transition words and phrases.
  • You can’t be too personal. Science is not about your personal ego. Avoid using ‘I’ pronoun. Use ‘we’ instead. You research for the benefit of society. So, you work together with other researchers.

These requirements are not easy to fulfil. But even if a person fails to write a good essay at first trial, he will succeed later. It is possible to develop the sense of academic style. It is important to practice academic writing continuously.


First of all consult your professor, he will certainly recommend you necessary literature about academic work. Basically, structure and style in any research paper is not less important as content of your work. So, read a lot about formal requirements and develop your knowledge in the subject. That will make you successful in academic work.

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