What Do Women Find Attractive

What do women want? Why is it that women interested in a certain type of man? Is it a mystery?

We all think that a man plays an active role in choosing a partner! That’s not exactly true! The majority of psychologists stated that a man actually chooses his partner from those women who have already drawn attention to him and thus have created favorable conditions for introduction and getting close. Therefore, the first and foremost challenge for all men is to draw woman`s attention, of course, in a positive manner.

Today you can review a lot of studies that deal with the issue of women’s preferences and what qualities in a man women find highly attractive. We’ve analyzed some of such studies and, of course, we haven’t found a unique secret recipe for understanding every woman, but there are a few things that almost all women are drawn to.

Here we listed what woman appreciate in man`s attractiveness and how you can make yourself more attractive to women.

Height Matters 

A man`s height is the first thing to which women pay attention. Social psychologists say that most women are physiologically geared towards finding taller men more attractive. It`s so easy to explain by the fact that usually a woman is looking for someone who will protect her and a taller guy gives her a sense of such protection.

Deep Voice 

The researchers and psychologists proved that this is an evolutionary programming to find men with a deeper voice more attractive. It happens because women perceive a deeper voice as a sign of a larger and stronger physicality. A lot of women associate without even realizing deep tones with being more masculine and gentle.

Good Physical Shape 

Women like well-groomed guys. Women most often pay attention to the men who keep up with their fitness routine as the body can say a lot about its owner. For example, if you`ve got increased fitness level it speaks to your discipline, self-control and stability.


A lot of women are able to evaluate man`s intelligence and they find well-educated smart men very attractive.  But remember, it’s important to use your intelligence carefully. Being helpful and wanting to help your woman learn certain things is great, but stop acting like you know everything as she shouldn`t feel stupid being near you.

Leadership Skills 

Women want men who can take charge when necessary. Of course, no woman wants someone who’s going to control her every step and regulate everything without asking her. But every woman wants to be with the man who`s prone to leadership as with such man she’ll feel more secure and confident. By the way, the man with leadership skills will always try to be the best and first anywhere and everywhere (at bowling or among hot men on men action) and every woman wants to get close to such man and be proud of him.

A Sense of Humor 

A sense of humor is important to women. Psychologists have found a sense of humor makes men seem more intelligent and sexual. Generally, women like those men who will make them laugh. Laughing indicates to women that the man is a good person and a perfect company for talking on different subjects. By the way, laughing releases happy hormones.

Displays of Affection 

Have you ever wondered why women so often fall in love with actors or singers? Don`t think that this is just because of the popularity and publicity. The main reason is their behavior: they are hot and passionate. They don`t hide their feelings and women like the expression of passion.

A Sense of Style 

The first impression is the key to success. One of the main things women find attractive is a man who can dress well. It doesn’t mean that you have necessarily to follow the latest fashion trends. You should be able to present yourself in any style or in different styles, classic, sporty, all black (besides, all black outfits see on this page) it doesn’t really matter. Mens outfits don’t need to be in only one particular style. You just need to look clean and comfortable.

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