Why You Should Visit Vienna This Year

The glorious capital of Austria, Vienna is the heart of European cultural life. If you want to feel the spirit of old Europe, this is the place to go. The famous museums and palaces are only part of the city’s irresistible charm. The destination is perfect for group tours and corporate entertainment.

Vienna is excellent for solo travelers and groups. If you are planning to visit the astonishing city with friends or colleagues, consider the Vienna bus charter. Fares for bus and coach hire are affordable, with insurance, driver, and other expenses included. Contact a reliable company to ensure maximized comfort and convenience for all your companions.

Architectural Delights

Wherever you turn, there seems to be an architectural jewel. From medieval and baroque to high-tech, this exciting eclectic fusion offers something for every taste. Be sure to check out the modernist Looshaus, notable for the absence of window-roofing. One of the oldest churches, Maria am Gestade, is a Gothic masterpiece dating back to the early 15th century.

The city’s university, with its incredibly rich history, arranges guided tours around the impeccable neo-Renaissance premises. Do not miss the 18th-century state hall (Prunksaal) of the imperial library. It is rightfully considered among the most impressive architectural treasures on the planet.

Bar Hopping

Do you feel like some relaxed bar crawling? Vienna will not disappoint you. The licensing times are more liberal than in other European locations. For instance, Café Europa works from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. throughout the week. Tachles, a charmingly old-fashioned establishment, serves fantastic savory dumplings, often to a live music accompaniment.

Kaffeehäuser (Coffee Houses)

In Vienna, a coffee house is more than a place with exquisite coffee (the range of recipes is bewilderingly wide) and cakes. It is perfectly acceptable to take a single espresso and stay inside for hours. Amazing local dishes are served all day. Many such establishments, such as Café Schwarzenberg, retain the glory of their early days. The conveniently central Café Diglas and Café Frauenhuber are other charming locations.

Music and Ballet

Lovers of classical aesthetics associate Vienna with music and ballet. In fact, the city where Mozart spent the happiest years of his life still sets the standard in classical music. In 2020, it will celebrate 250 years since the birth of another famous composer — Beethoven. You can even visit the building where his immaculate grand creation — the 9th Symphony — was composed. It now houses a pub called Bierteufl, which serves traditional Austrian dishes. If you are lucky and plan ahead, you may book a ticket to the Vienna State Opera, where the biggest stars perform in timeless opera masterpieces.

Alternatively, consider visiting the Volksoper. On this stage, you can often catch performances by the Vienna State Ballet. Operas, operettas, ballets, and musicals may be seen almost daily, and the pricing is reasonable. If you do not mind standing, the entrance may cost as little as €3.


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