Why Travelling Makes Us More Creative

Travelling is a hobby for millions of people worldwide, however, many of us are missing out on the benefits travelling really has. Besides airports being a great way to gain some extra spending money and play free slots, there is so much more to travelling.

How Traveling Releases Your Creative Thinking

Visiting a new place boosts your cognitive flexibility and your thinking abilities. We all do new things while travelling because of this, like forming new connections, learning new cultures, the adaption of new things as well as engaging with different cultures.

Visiting a new country is a great experience as you get to explore new people, fragrances, flavors, languages, places, sensations that activate certain areas of your brain and help you form new connections with people. It also helps you become a new and a better person.

The Relation Between Travelling and Creativity

Creativity comes from impactful or exciting life experiences.  But when you have a certain routine in your life, such as go to work and doing the household chores, there is nothing exciting or impactful going on in your life so, your mind’s ability to think and learn gets blocked.

This is where travelling comes in handy for those searching for creativity. Traveling to a new place opens your mind with new, impactful, and exciting experiences. It shows you new ways of living and can make your life healthier and happier.

Reasons Why Traveling Makes You a Creative Person:

  1. It makes you innovative: Travelling makes you more innovative, but the reasons may vary from person to person. So next time whenever you visit a new place, make sure you indulge yourself in their culture and tradition to boost your creative and innovative skills. Do this by interacting with the locals, taking part in their events, learning about their culture, trying local cuisines and spend time with the locals as doing this will make you a lot more creative.
  2. Allows you to make new friends: Traveling to new places makes you a different and better person. It makes you open-minded as visiting new places gives you the opportunity to meet new people and explore different cultures and backgrounds.

This allows you to form a new connection with everyone you come across. It boosts your problem-solving skills, analysis skills, thinking abilities, as well as makes your brain come up with new ideas and imaginations every day.

It also changes the way you deal with your day-to-day problems and makes you act instantly in times of difficult situation. When you come across new things, you also learn to see them with a different perspective. You realize that things do not always turn out as they seem to us; they often have multiple dimensions that you need to realize.

  1. Fills you with confidence: This is one of the biggest benefits of traveling and exploring new places and cities. Self-confidence is of utmost importance to perform well in every aspect of your life and this is where traveling plays a leading role. Traveling gives you the courage to go out of your comfort zone in search of new adventures, or simply by having to ask for directions in a different language and teaches different ways to solving life’s everyday problems. It teaches you how to come up with creative ideas and solutions for every challenge you face while travelling and in life.
  2. Allows you to think differently: Travelling, thanks to giving you an inside view of different cultures and traditions, allows you to think outside of the box. When you travel to a new place, you take your own decisions; you do your risk analysis, think of all the possibilities, which can turn you into a more creative person with a new way of thinking and approaching problems. It also opens up your heart and fills you with empathy, helping people throughout your journey, regardless of where they are from or what they believe in.

Throughout your travels you will share your ideas, thoughts, life ambitions and discuss political or social issues with others, either your travelling companions or new people you meet along the way, this all helps you grow as a person, learn about new things, as well as others’ ideas and beliefs. You attract positivity and stay open to other opinions and beliefs, which in turn boosts your creativity level.


You are now ready to embark on a creative adventure. They say we all have a story inside us, whether you tell that story through words, song or picture, all you need now is a list of destinations and you will come back a different, improved person.

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