Why I Hate College

Perhaps there is nothing worse than expectations when you clearly cannot live up to them. College students feel the same way. After all, it has been established that colleges are a privilege. Yet, the phrase ‘college is different’ is only an irony waiting to be revealed after high school. Here’s the reality: some students aren’t cut out for life after high school, they hate it. While some of them may understand the reason for the hate, others cannot reconcile why the institution has become the bane of their existence. Even so, parents and school authorities, instead of condemning these students, should find out why they hate them and proffer solutions.

Not fitting in

The cultural and structural divide in institutions may be hard to fill. Some schools are best suited for party riders and creatives, while others are designed for community service or religious worship. A boisterous first-year student will most likely fit in a structure that promotes social activities. Unfortunately, many students do not realize this until they are admitted to their school of choice, eventually feeling like outcasts in the environment. A simple solution is to find clubs and like-minded students and further broaden your horizons.

High tuition fees

The high costs of premium colleges are alarming. The high college loan rates make it even more stressful. For most students, so much debt can ruin the whole college experience. Imagine having to study for exams with such debts on your shoulders; it can only obliterate the sense of fulfillment for attending college. So, colleges are offering scholarships and work-study programs for brilliant students to study at a fraction of the tuition fees.

Academic overload

Academics can be very overwhelming. Students with learning difficulties and those who struggled in high school are most likely to be affected. It is undoubtedly a roadblock to college success. Thus, such students enlist the help of essay writers. Especially graduate students, they need writing assistance to complete their projects and defend their dissertation. Essaysmatch has the perfect tutors that offer writing services for essays, assignments, and dissertations. Students are advised to check them out.

Overwhelming schedules

Working students or married folks have a hard time juggling college activities with personal life. This leads to burnout and exhaustion, making it challenging to keep up with school demands. The solution is to strike a balance between personal life and academics and seek help whenever necessary.

They have chosen fields whose job markets fluctuate frequently

The reality of college is that your major as a freshman may be the hottest deal in the job market and spiral down to having a few vacancies in your final year. This is the sad reality of students who select majors that aren’t marketable. And as graduation approaches, this problem might overwhelm the student, except they have acquired other marketable skills.

College life isn’t always a bed of roses, and some students are best suited for other things such as trades. But societal and parental pressure gets in the way. Students who loathe college must understand that college isn’t the end of the world. These solutions guarantee a change of mind, given that the student is willing to put in the effort.


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