What To Expect When You Start Having Your Nails Done!

Nice looking nails can be the crowning jewel in your look. Adding funky colors, stylish nail art, or just having nails that look well maintained can really boost how you look. This is why manicures and having nail work done at a good nail salon are so popular. If you are thinking about starting to have your nails done professionally for the first time, then you may wonder what to expect.

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You’ll have to make some decisions about how you want your nails to look, and to be able to convey what you want to your nail technician. Here, we look at some of the options regarding nail work and what you might want to choose when you go in for your first manicure or false nails session.

Real or Fake?

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to having nail work done in a salon is whether you want the technician to work on your real nails, or you want false nails applied. There are different types of false nails, but the most popular are acrylic nail extensions. This is where a fake nail is applied on top of your real nail and an acrylic solution is used to meld the two together. Acrylic nails are strong and can look fantastic. They hold color better than real nails, so the paint that you choose for your acrylic nails will last for a couple of weeks rather than flaking and chipping off like polish on a regular nail. However, acrylic nails are also a bit of a commitment. You will need to get them touched up every two weeks or so, as your real nails grow underneath, or as the tips break.

This means that choosing acrylic nails when it is your first time having nail work done is not necessarily the best idea. If you are sure that you can make it in for regular appointments and can afford to keep your nail maintenance up, then it can be a good choice. Acrylic nails do look really good and require very little maintenance outside of the salon to stay looking their best. However, if you just want to go to your salon occasionally and don’t have the time or money to spare, keeping acrylic nails can be a bit of a nightmare. Acrylics do tend to ruin the nail underneath, and if you don’t go to all of your maintenance appointments you can end up with overly long nails, the odd broken nail, and all kinds of other problems that will leave your hands looking less attractive than you wanted.

You should, therefore, decide before you start having salon nail treatments just how committed you are to your nails. If you simply want neat, nice looking hands, then it can be better to just get a manicure on your real nails rather than looking into acrylics or other nail extensions.

Shape and Style

Whether you are getting extensions or having work done on your real nails, your technician will expect you to tell them what you want in terms of shape. You can have oval nails, which look feminine and stylish, or squarer tips which are more modern and funky. Think about which look you prefer in advance of going to the salon. In general, squarer nail shapes are more practical, so if you do a lot of sports or work with your hands you are likely to find this shape more suitable, and it can look really good. Longer, oval nails are a more glamorous look but have the trade-off of being less easy to live with. The choice is completely down to you, but you should make it before you go to the salon, so you are not put on the spot.

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Art and Color

Nail art is something that is quite common these days and may be something you want when you go to your nail salon appointment. Nail art is a lot of fun and can look really beautiful, but if that is what you want you should have an idea of what you would like your nail artist to do before you go in. Sitting poring over different designs isn’t as efficient as deciding what you like and being able to tell it to the person doing your nails. If you like diamante and butterflies, then have an idea before you talk to your technician that you want to incorporate that into the look. If you like black or other dark colors, then keep this in mind. Your technician will do a great job with your nails but they can only do what you tell them to!

Will It Hurt?

Some people worry that when they have their first manicure it will hurt. A lot of beauty procedures do involve some discomfort, and a manicure can too. There is no real pain, but having your nails filed can feel uncomfortable, and having the cuticles pushed back and clipped can also feel a little bit unpleasant. It is worth it to have the look you want, but you may find that you spend your first manicure appointment getting used to sensations you may not like, like having the nails rasped into the right shape and the cuticles treated. It is not among the more painful beauty treatments, but it isn’t relaxing, either, so be prepared for this. Pedicures are basically the same but since some people are uncomfortable with having their feet touched it can be a bit more intimidating. This is a beauty procedure you have done for the pleasing results, not because it is a relaxing experience like a massage would be!

Going to the nail salon for your first manicure or to have extensions put on your nails for the first time can be interesting and fun, but it is really important to have done your research and know exactly what you want your technician to do. Nail work can take time and be uncomfortable, so be well prepared before you go.

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