What is the fashion among students?

The influence of fashion on society

How does fashion influence our life? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, but it is clear that design and fashion tend to cover all aspects of the human environment. In modern society, the importance and strength of the external appearance of a person should not be underestimated.

It is important not only to be neatly dressed, but also to have a taste and, preferably, the latest fashion. Thus, being fashionable and stylish is often one of the criteria for success.

The influence of clothing on a person’s life is especially great at the time of dating. For example, you need to interest the person you like. What will he appreciate first? Of course, look. If you approach him in careless clothes and begin to talk about yourself, in the hope that he will appreciate your rich inner world, your acquaintance, most likely, this will end. Well-groomed hair, a pleasant smile, and tastefully selected clothes will guarantee that the acquaintance will continue.

The appearance of a person means a lot in his professional activities. So, a neat and stylishly dressed person is trusted more than a slovenly and battered ragamuffin. If you are a student, why not find out more essays about a fashion?

So, more and more often in the network there are stories that some young man failed the interview, after having passed all the stages, because his tie did not fit the shirt. Hearing this, do not hesitate for long in the eternal aphorism that it is important for a person always to be him/herself. This is undoubtedly important, but often, in fact, we see that modern society, unfortunately, dictates completely different values to us.

Why fashion is so important for teenagers?

The old truth that meets by clothes sees off by mind  among teenagers simply does not work. In the youth team, if we take only teenagers for the youth, they meet and see off only by appearance and by the fact of advancement. Avoid antagonism because of non-fashionable clothes can only be if the adolescent has a clear talent for programming, for example.

Who will scoff at the person who is able to quickly and efficiently install the right software for your device? Or clean the computer from viruses? The importance of fashion in a person’s life is very large, and it is known practically to all as teenagers, and to people of old age.

It may seem strange, but the concept of “youth fashion” did not exist until the last century. Children and adolescents dressed more or less standard because they were completely dependent on their parents. And the choice in stores was, frankly, far from diverse. And coming out of adolescence, the youth immediately passed into the category of adults and dressed already in the adult fashion.

It was in the 60s that the hippy movement began to develop vigorously, and for years the standard of the most fashionable clothes was ragged jeans and worn out sneakers – the ideal of “floral” people. But hippie’s clothes are asexual clothing. In it, both boys and girls looked exactly alike. And, if the boys were, in general, anyway, how they look, they were comfortable with the convenience and not the marquess of such clothes.

Concerning girls, things were little different. After all, the importance of fashion in a person’s life for the fair sex is not only that she wants to look only ultra-modern. But nevertheless, value of a fashion for the woman in a greater degree consists in to look as much as possible attractive.

It does not matter how many a woman is 15, 20 or 60. Even on her deathbed, a woman wants to look attractive, if, of course, she is a woman. Now, as 70 years ago, the main thing in youth fashion is the desire of adolescents to stand out not only from the general environment, but also to become, unlike others even in their own circle.

But in general, for teenagers, fashion is the first and most important means of social self-affirmation. It is an attribute of interaction and communication between a teenager and his peers, as well as between him and the rest of the world.

By clothes, they want to emphasize their own individuality, peculiarity, attractiveness. Teenagers can be extremely preoccupied with their image when it comes to sexual attraction. They are often able to exploit fashion, seeing in it a means to attract a certain person.

Many teenagers raise their authority through fashion trends, trying to prevent humiliation and ridicule on the part of their peers. Only once unsuccessfully chosen clothes can serve as an occasion to permanently become the object of ridicule and mockery.

How to be fashionable?

To date, the word “fashion” means some specific behavior, the manner of talking, dressing, etc. Among the students, fashion, in the first place, means to follow trends in clothes and wear a fashionable hairstyle, but that’s not all.

First and foremost, no one will find you attractive if you look like a slob. You should look neat to be attractive. Every day you need to take a shower and watch for the purity of your hair. So, pay attention to the freshness of breathing and whiteness of teeth, brush your teeth and mouth as often as possible.

Watch out for the hair. The main thing is that the hair is clean. Hair irons can harm your hair, so use heat-protective spray. Do not straighten or twist your hair more than twice a week.

Watch your skin. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. So, you will have a healthy and attractive look. Also, use the cream / lotion for acne / wash your face using a good soap. Do not forget about cleansing milk for the face.

And of course, we need to say few words about clothes. It does not matter where you are going to go, to school, college, university, or anywhere, try to dress wonderingly. Look through the fashion magazine. Stylish clothes do not have to be haute couture. You can wear regular jeans, but first, make sure that you look good in them.

Wear jewelry. Beautiful earrings and bracelets will only attract the attention of others, just do not cling too many ornaments on you. If you like classics, you will get earrings from pearls.

Behave confidently. It’s your direct duty. If you have decided to be trendy and wanted to attract people’s attention, it is important to show self-confidence. Even if you do not feel confident, pretend to be confident until you learn to be really confident. To show confidence, keep a good posture, do not lower your head, look people in the eyes. People will notice you and with great interest will want to meet you.

And lastly, another nuance of stylish people is the presence of your own chips. Think, what do you like best in clothes regardless of fashion? Maybe it is a certain combination of colors, style blouses or skirts, the shape of bags or certain accessories? Make it your distinctive feature, bringing in each of your images. If not you can always peek at style icons.



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