Ways To Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

Apart from Christmas, New Year and other festivities, another excuse to throw a party is celebrating one’s birthday. It started as a pagan tradition to scare away evil spirits that may be lurking around someone who is experiencing a major change like getting older. Birthdays are now celebrated as a time to give thanks, reflect, and celebrate life..

Birthday milestones are years where one is given a huge meaning and significance than others. First birthday are the most common and always celebrated birthday by a family. In China, grabbing games are held on a baby’s first birthday wherein any object grab by them would indicate their future career or destiny. Quinceanera is religiously and festively celebrated in the Americas as it means the transformation of a girl into a woman. The counterpart of it in the US is sweet 16, where guest are expected to bring gifts that are considered ladylike, grown-up and feminine.

One particular age marks the end of someone’s childhood, the age where you are considered legally responsible and seen as an adult – 18th birthday.  At this age, you can have your political voice in the form of right to vote and can have fun at pubs and clubs. But what else can you do to celebrate this milestone?

Here are some ways to revel your 18th birthday.

Get a Tattoo

Nothing defines turning 18 more than obtaining your freedom from parental consent. Now you can do a lot of things without the need of a formal permission from your parents. Meaning, you can get a tattoo without the need for their approval. If you have been eyeing an awesome tattoo, then this is the right time for you to go ahead and look for an artist and have it inked.

Party Hopping

Since you are 18, there is no need for you to ask a friend for a fake ID or fear those imposing and intimidating bouncers to enter the hippest and coolest club in town. You are now allowed to stay all night and dance the night away at clubs, pubs, and bars. If you’d like to pregame or arrive with style, renting out a party bus will be the ultimate fashion. House parties are ok, but clubbing is better. A subtle way to tell the world you’d like to see and be seen.

Try Extreme Sports

Celebrating birthdays are like saying thank you for your life and what activity can make you feel more alive than doing an extreme sport. You can go skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining or river rafting at any age, but doing it at 18 may give it more significance. Doing these types of activities not only gives you a dose of adrenaline but also boost your self-confidence something an adult would need. Other extreme activities that should be in your bucket list are:

  • Bridge Climbing
  • Sandboarding
  • Caving
  • Rappelling
  • Parasailing
  • ATV Driving

Start Your Financial Footing

Being 18, means turning into an adult; and adults are expected to have financial responsibilities. It may not sound like fun and all, but opening up a saving account, applying for a credit card or starting an IRA account can be a way to celebrate your passage to adulthood. It is always a good idea to start early in investing financial assets for yourself.

Road Trip

Whether it’s only out of town or across the coutnry, going on a road trip is always fun and exciting. I urge you to go on a road trip with your friends. Spent quality time together and create lasting memories. The thing about being 18, is that you are being geared up into the reality of life. No protection from your parents or guardians. You will be going to college, work and hopefully meet the love of your life. There is a tendency that you will grow significantly apart from your childhood, so at least you have memories to grab.

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