How to Turn a Guy On in 5 Easy Steps

Why is it so easy to turn a guy on?

Men are not complicated. That’s why, when it comes to seduction, if you’re a woman on the mission all you need to do is to follow these 5 easy steps, and you will have your guy exactly where you want him!

A woman doesn’t have to work hard at all to turn a guy on; in fact most of the time women are unaware that they are causing the men around them to experience arousal. Men are primal creatures and their sexual instincts are always in fully working order. They think about sex a lot, and so it doesn’t take much to turn them on.

There are however, a few things you should consider to make sure he doesn’t overlook you and go after something more interesting. So follow these 5 easy steps to learn how to turn your guy on, and start having fun in the bedroom tonight.

How to Turn a Guy On

1 Show Sexual Interest

All you have to do is show a guy an ounce of sexual interest and he will be thinking about it for days. The thought of a woman who finds him sexually attractive opens up all kinds of opportunity for imagination overdrive. Men fantasize about women and sex a lot, so when you give them something that specifically suggests he might be onto a winning situation, he’s not going to want to let that go, at least not in his head!

The trick though, is to be subtle, mysterious and blatant all at the same time. You want to give enough room for him to question it, which will give him the sense of challenge he craves; but at the same time you don’t want to create any kind of negative uncertainty, so you want him to pretty damned sure you’re interested. The question is – how do you achieve this without laying yourself out on a silver platter, ready for the taking?

The answer is simple – Flirt! Flirting is a great way to create sexual anticipation. It’s easy too, because all you have to do is smile, tease and create a mental connection. You can do this through witty verbal banter, or you can assert your sexual interest through physical touch. Try gently touching his knee when you talk to him, and give it a little squeeze. Don’t forget to smile warmly and look into his eyes. The thought that you might be interested alone will be a turn on, but the hint of physical intimacy as well will intensify everything!

2 Take Control

Men love women who take a dominant role in the seduction process. This isn’t necessarily because they want to be dominated by a woman, although that might be their thing; taking control simply shows that you are not insecure, and that you are confident. Confidence is a massive turn on for all men!

You can display confidence in different ways. Think about how you project your confidence to the world – How do you stand? How do you walk? How do you hold a conversation? A confident woman stands tall and walks with her head up and focused in the direction she is going. She is not worried about what people might think of her or what she looks like. A confident woman looks you in the eye when she talks to you, she smiles openly, showing her teeth, and she isn’t afraid to express herself by using her whole body. She knows that she doesn’t have to wear revealing clothes to be sexy, because sex appeal is all about the kind of attitude you have, and how you feel about yourself.

If you want to turn a guy on, get in touch with who you are as an individual and learn to love yourself first. Then you will be ready to turn that confidence into a sex appeal tool.

Don’t forget that confidence also means being an independent woman who can make decisions for her self and is confident in what she thinks. Don’t be afraid of asserting your opinion, making decisions, and leading conversations. Men are always attracted to strong, feminine women.

How to Turn a Guy On 1

3 Get Naked!

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to turn every single man on, no matter who he is, it is the simplest and most obvious thing of all – the sight of a woman’s naked body. It really doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you take your clothes off for a guy and show him your naked body, he won’t be able to help but feel turned on by the sight of you. You will give off a wonderful mixed sense of inner confidence, vulnerability and kinky minx; which will make your man feel lucky and special at the same time.

Men are primarily turned on visually. Even when they fantasize in their heads, they visualize physical sexual scenarios. This is why most men pay to look at pictures of naked women in magazines, and spend hours watching porn. The female naked body is the ultimate turn on!

But it is not just about you being naked. It is about you wanting to have sex with him that will be arousing. This means that it doesn’t necessarily matter what your body looks like, because the mere thought that a woman has chosen to take her clothes off to have sex with him will be the most important arousal factor.

If you are shy, you can wear lingerie that you feel flatters your body, or fix the lighting so that it isn’t too harsh, and arrange yourself on the bed for him to come and discover you – But I guarantee you he won’t be paying attention to the label on your knickers, or the candles flickering on the bedside table. You and your naked body are the main meal, and that’s really all you need!

Tip: If you are feeling like you don’t want him to think you are a slut, then perhaps you need to pend more time making him work for the treat of seeing you naked. I would never suggest that any girl uses her naked body as the sole took to turn a guy on. It is something you should be building up to, so that when you do reveal all, he appreciates what you are doing, and you feel good about it too.

turn guy on

4 Show him you desire him!

Men will certainly be attracted to a woman who takes her clothes off, but if you really want to turn him on and make him want to keep coming back for more, you have to go one step further – you have to show him you really, really want him, in that moment!

The more you desire your man during sex, and the less afraid you are to show it, the hotter the sex will be. This is because, not only are you providing the physical stimulus, but you are also tapping into his mental needs. He will be aroused by the thought of a woman who wants and needs him to give her pleasure. It will rub up his ego and make him feel incredibly masculine. In a way, he is being turned on by him self!

You don’t have to go overboard when you get naked. Try to welcome him with your eyes. The way you look at your man is important because you can make him feel great about himself; and the better he feels about him self the more relaxed and open he will be during sex. The way you touch him is important too. Touch him like you mean it. Hold him close to you, express your passion through your grip on him. Push him away and pull him close. And don’t forget you can also make a man feel amazing with the sounds you make in bed. Moans and groans tell a man you are enjoying yourself, and that he’s doing everything right! The more confidence you feed him the more he is likely to contribute to your pleasure, and try new and exciting things.

5 Don’t be too predictable

All men thrive when they are presented with a challenge. If you want to turn a guy on and keep him interested after he has already had you, then you have to be less predictable, and less available.

The secret is to maintain your emotional independence, and continue to live your own life. When you don’t depend on a guy emotionally, he will show more interest because secretly he wants you to depend on him – just a little bit – because it makes him feel good.

If you can get the balance right, you should be able to show him that you want him, but also that you don’t need him. This way, your guy isn’t going to take you for granted because he knows you are independent, and he will always be alert and tuned into you.

Men love a woman who is capable of doing her own thing, because it gives them the opportunity to do the one thing they love to do – thrill of the chase. It keeps relationships fresh and exciting. You should always keep your man wanting more! You should never chase a man; they will only go in the opposite direction. If you go in the opposite direction, he will be curious and come running back to chase you and see what you’re doing that’s so interested without him. It’s just the way it works.


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