Travel Light For Your Next Mini Break: 5 Tips For Your Weekend Packing

Traveling is amazing, isn’t it? Whether you are a gypsy who travels all the time, or someone who takes a few mini breaks now and then, it’s a great way to get a much needed break from the everyday. The ability to travel can be a very exciting adventure indeed. Not only does it make you feel free but you get the opportunity to see new places and enjoy different cultures. As much as we love traveling, we have the pain of packing and at times that can always be time-consuming and stressful. Sometimes we still manage to forget items that we desperately need. Packing can be complicated depending on the climate, and the geography of the location that you’re seeking so it can be hard to plan for your travels. When it comes to having a stress-free vacation, there are some items that you just shouldn’t leave home without.

So how can you ensure you are packing everything that You need?

Make a List of What You Need

This is the best way possible to make sure you bring everything that you need and you don’t forget anything. Decide what you absolutely have to have and put them into categories of desirable and must-haves.

Always Pack a First Aid Kit

This is an absolute must when traveling. Regardless of whether you are traveling to Europe or going on a road trip, you never know what may happen and having a first aid kit is the best way to be ready for anything. The first aid kit can include simple items such as painkillers, pills for upset stomach, etc., bandages, band-aids, and even allergy meds will be helpful.

Name Tags Are Key

Traveling with items that have no identification can be risky especially if you lose your bags or if someone has a similar bag to yours. Aside from opening up the bags and exposing personal items to other people, how else are you supposed to prove that what’s yours is…well yours? It couldn’t hurt to have your name tag on your luggage to ensure that you know what bags are yours especially if they get lost.

Avoid Too Many Liquids

How many times have you traveled and had your shampoo bottle or lotion explode all over the contents of your bag? It’s annoying, and it can even be costly if it’s an item that stains. Not to mention if you are carrying a bottle too large then security is going to stop you and check it, which holds up you and all the other passengers at the airport. It’s always best to only carry bottles that are less than 100 ml and make sure you seal them inside a plastic bag to avoid any unnecessary disasters.

Always Check Baggage Restrictions

It can be easy to ignore this part and just pack away to our heart’s content, but when it comes to baggage restrictions, you can find yourself in trouble at the airport if you aren’t careful. Some people like to ignore the weight limit and hope for the best but airlines are serious about their weight limits, and we have seen people sitting in the airport pulling things out of their bags to make sure they meet the limit. You don’t want to be that guy.

Must-Have Items When Traveling

There are always must-have items that we want to take with us, but in the spirit of packing light, we have left it at five items.


We can’t tell you how many times we have gone traveling and forgot a charger, whether it is for our iPad or phone. These are items that you can store anywhere so bringing a couple of them isn’t a big deal either.

iPad or Laptop

It’s super important to stay connected to people even when you’re traveling. You want to post your memories as they are happening, right? Or maybe you are even a travel writer and you want to keep your fans or readers engaged while you travel. If you want to travel as light as possible a tablet or even a phone will do but certainly, bring your laptop if you want to make serious connections while you travel.


When it comes to traveling in foreign countries, it’s not unusual to have to deal with theft. The last thing you want is to have items missing when you are traveling especially if they are important documents. Bring a padlock that you can use for your suitcase to make sure that all your items are kept safe at all times.

Travel Guides

These are great for any city in the world, not just in Europe. Travel guides are great for a few reasons, namely that they allow you to see all the cool places you can visit while traveling. Plus, if you happen to be bored at the airport you can glance through the guide to learn about the place you’re visiting. We all know how boring an airport can be especially with a long layover so you may get more use out of the travel guide than you thought.

Only Essential Fashion

We all have a habit of packing items “just in case” something happens. We will pack a sweater just in case it gets cold, or a ball gown just in case we happen to be invited to a celebrity ball. That can make packing difficult and we end up bringing items we didn’t even need in the first place. It’s not exactly the best way to travel light. It’s best to pack fashion items that you can wear anywhere, during any type of weather conditions. You already know where you are going and the typical climate you should be expecting so it shouldn’t be a surprise. If you are worried about chilly nights, then one extra sweater should do the job. You don’t need to pack eccentric items that you probably will never use anyway.

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