Top Tips to Improve Bone Health in Teenage Years

Bone health is very crucial, especially during your teenage years. Bones are responsible for giving structural support, protecting your organs, and anchoring the muscles. Your bone mass continuously changes, old bones break, and new bones develop. During your teenage and adolescent periods, your body gains rapid bone mass, and it reaches a peak by the age of 30. If you do not take care of your bone mass, then later in life, you would be having fragile bones or prone to bone injuries.

Let us look at certain food and lifestyle habits that can improve your bone health during the teenage years.

Vegetables: Eat plenty of them

Vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C, responsible for developing the bone-forming cells and protecting your bone cells from damage. Fresh and healthy veggies are known to improve bone density during your childhood days. Research has shown that green and yellow veggies tend to increase bones’ mineralization for children and teens.

Need Calcium

What’s the essential mineral for bone formation and bone health? Calcium, calcium, and calcium. It is crucial for developing your bone structure during your childhood. It is said that young teens must consume 1,300mg of calcium each day, but should not consume it all at once. It will help if you spread the intake across your meals. Ensure you get enough calcium from food and not take any supplements.

Increase Protein in your diet

Do you know that almost 50% of your bones are made of protein? No doubt, you need to have plenty of proteins in your diet. Proteins improve your bone health, retain calcium in your bones, and make them strong during your teenage years. It is recommended that you have at least 100gm of protein each day along with sufficient vegetables and calcium.

Regular Exercise is crucial

An excellent way to improve your bone health is by engaging in regular exercise. Strength training or weight-bearing exercises help you increase your bone strength and help develop new bones. Proper weight exercise would help you increase your bone density during the crucial years of bone growth and development.

Avoid consuming junk foods

Colorful Frappuccino or a fancy chicken sandwich might seem attractive, but remember they do more harm than good. They might give you momentary pleasure, but inside your body, they damage your bones, especially during the peak years of bone formation. Check out some of the worst food trends that were an absolute disaster. Never follow any trend blindly, research about it, and find out its nutritional values before jumping into your next burger.

Include Zinc and Magnesium in your diet

Magnesium helps transform vitamin D inside your body to enable calcium absorption, while zinc is responsible for preventing bone breakdown during your childhood days. Hence, these two minerals play a crucial role in reaching that peak bone mass during your teenage days.


Never take bone health for granted. Always remember that the lifestyle and food habits you adopt during your teenage years go a long way in maintaining the bone structure in the later stage of your life. If you want to have strong bones, then take care of your bone health right since your early days!


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