Top 7 Online Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Following the latest trends, people of different ages and characters go online in searches of a perfect match. Indeed, online dating offers numerous benefits. However, not everyone knows how to use those properly. That’s why we gathered the top 7 mistakes any guy should avoid. Discover with Romance Compass Russian Wives!


  1. Wrong self-presentation

The profile is what your acquaintance starts with, so this is really essential to write a proper self-description and post your most attractive photos. Consider the pictures should be free of touch ups and taken recently. Outline your key character features and life goals yet don’t concentrate on your weak points. Remain yourself and show your self-confidence!

  1. Not improving communicative skills

Poor writing may become the reason why your online meetings end up with no success. Even though you talk via the Internet, those conversations must be meaningful, fun, and pleasant. Maintain the etiquette and show your interest in her personality. Ask about the events happened in her life, let her express her mind, and share the relevant facts about yourself.

  1. Misunderstanding your own intents

Set your priorities. Answer the question: why exactly you go online? Do you want to flirt with beautiful chicks, or make more female friends, or find a soul mate? You’d better decide before getting closer to a girl who attracts you. If you barely imagine how your communication should progress, it becomes really hard to achieve some goal – so set it for instance.

  1. Falling to find the golden mean

From time to time, we all run to extremes. When you come to a dating website, you likely find thousands of girls awakening your interest. Let’s also define the circle of your matches: it is wrong to both focus on one girl and to flirt with 10 ladies at the same time. In the first case, you risk to get attached for no good reason, while in the second one, you will barely outline the right person – there will be too many choices.

  1. Falling in love via the Internet

Yes, this is a huge problem nowadays. Even though you can talk for hours, an in-person meeting can bring you down. Modern young guys often have too high expectations. They look at beautiful pictures and get only the information a lady wishes to convey to them. Don’t run ahead of time: no matter how amazing your pen pal appears to be, you need time to get to know her better.

  1. Talking through e-mails only

Written speech is unable to give you the comprehensive impression of a person. Likewise, you can’t express your whole self via just letters. If you feel there’s kind of a connection between the two of you, try to diversify your communication. Have online video chats, exchange pictures, and talk by phone.

  1. Breaking into her personal space

Telling her about your life and taking an interest in her daily routine is good yet you should remember of some boundaries. If you get too personal, a girl may feel uncomfortable in your company. Don’t touch overly private topics like sex, ex-mates, or secrets.

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