Top 5 Tips for dating over 50

When people get to a certain age they might adopt a mindset that the time has come to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life, especially if they’ve gone through a separation, or have lost a partner through bereavement. There’s that cliché of older individuals preferring a comfortable pair of slippers and a good TV movie to hectic nightlife. On the other hand, mature individuals are just as likely to be embracing life. Post-marriage, the overriding feeling could be freedom and a desire to explore new possibilities. If you’re over 50, here are your top five dating tips. 

Have some key aspirations 

One of your most important pointers is having a distinct idea of the type of relationship you aspire to. There are all sorts of matching sites catering to over 50 singles with dating outlets such as seniorstodate are gaining in popularity all the time. Within the overall umbrella of Internet dating, there are sites for a casual encounter, while others are focused on long-term partnerships. Just make sure you sign up to the most appropriate site for the romance best suited to you. 

At the outset, keep the conversation light 

There is a time and a place for intense dialogue, especially when you meet another over 50 single you connect with and are starting to establish a real sense of chemistry. Until you’ve bonded, aim to keep your chats relatively informal. It makes it easier to establish a rapport if you’re being affable, injecting your online messages with a lot of humor and compliments. Don’t dwell on any previously toxic experiences with ex-partners, as this will only ring alarm bells about the possibility of a recurrence. 

Don’t prioritize the physical side 

There is nothing to stop older individuals embarking on strong, physical relationships. By all means, do the usual ‘couple’ thing, like flirting, dressing to tease, whispering sweet nothings but you need to focus on other aspects of your time together – the hobbies you share, the personality traits that draw you together, the romantic meals you like cooking. Relationships based on nothing but physical attraction are never as enduring as a more fully-rounded friendship. 

Exercise your right to keep choosing 

Never feel compelled to stick with someone you might have had a connection with during your online interaction, but for whom you now feel less of a spark. The beauty of dating sites is that you are in control of your destiny. Life’s too short to waste too much time trying to click with another site user if the spark just isn’t there. You’d be quite within your rights to block them (or ‘ghost’ them to use the modern term) before swiftly moving on. 

Focus on compatibility 

With dating sites, you can quickly narrow down the potential date pool by taking the time to browse through the personals. This is where you can gauge who would be most suitable for you. It could be down to something as obvious as proximity – perhaps you don’t feel like traveling too far to meet a potential soulmate. Or it might be down to interests and passions that chime with your own.

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