Top 5 Most Complicated Colleges to Study in the USA

The US is home to some of the most complicated colleges in the entire world. It is not just the lively colors that make them stand apart, but these institutions are also known for their high standards,  diminutive acceptance rates, and a challenging curriculum. While the academics might seem like the shining envelopes, the life of college students is not that glittering.

Studying in one of these most demanding universities also means that the schedules here are often quite different from average student life. The academic standing comes in the way of extracurricular activities and even hinder social growth regularly.

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For many reasons, even for the most dedicated students, these five universities present an extreme case to test perseverance, patience, and will power to graduate.

1. Reed College

Reed is considered one of the most prestigious schools for liberal arts in the US. This private school, situated in Portland, has been serving for excellence since 1908. Though the college might not be so well known among employers, it is trendy among the intellects of the world.

As the alumni swear by, at Reed, you will learn how to learn. Reed has the fourth rank among the US institutions to have the highest number of graduates to go for Ph.D. programs. Among the many famous alumni of the university, you should be familiar with a few names like Steve Jobs, Larry Sanger, Ry Cooder and many more.

Though the acceptance rate might seem on a lenient level at 31%, the programs at Reed, even today at considered one of the most rigorous for academics. The tuition fee is also towards the high end, coming around $70,000 as of the academic year 2018-2019.

While Reed serves so much appreciation for its academics, where it lacks is in the social activities. There are no sororities or fraternities and only very few sports teams. So if you are looking for an extension of a summer camp by joining Reed, it might not be the right place for you.


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Do a Google search of the learning environment of MIT, and you are sure to come across dozens of results on why is it so hard to study at MIT. The college, as famous as it is for its academics, is also renowned for making students overwhelmed with the workload.

The level of stress suffered by MIT graduates might have prepared them to conquer the world later. It might be one of the key factors that together, the revenue of companies created by MIT alumni could make for the 10th largest economy in the world.

The acceptance rate here is close to 8% every year. Being such a prestigious school, the competition to get in is among applicants from the entire world and not just inside the US. MIT has taken many measures to reduce the competition among students by eliminating classes of degree for graduation. Even then, with the pressing curriculum, students still find MIT one of the most complicated colleges. Amidst the academic challenges, getting college student jobs might seem too far-fetched a dream to manage.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

The private research university of Carnegie Mellon is highly sought after by engineering students from all over the world. Though it has expanded its programs internationally with campuses in six continents and many research partnerships, their main campus in Pittsburgh is still considered the most reputable. The overall ranking of CMU is 25, but if you look at the individual programs, they vary from 2 onwards, so depending on your major, causes of stress are plenty here.

As students say, if you have to perform well in the university, performing well on the exams is enough. But if you have to keep up with your classmates and do some real learning, then you have to attend all classes and finish the homework, that could require more than 2-3 hours per day depending on the subjects.

4. Harvard University

The world-renowned Harvard University keeps up with its many tales of being one of the hardest schools in the US. You are surrounded by the most brilliant students from all over the world,  and even they find themselves mediocre in the study environment of Harward.

Contradicting the popular opinion, in spite of having on a 5% acceptance rate,  students do agree that getting accepted is not always the most accessible part but keeping up is. The classes are fast-paced, and it is challenging to get all the reading done as required.

For the year of 2023, the college has even managed to set a record acceptance rate of 4.5%.

However, the silver lining is to choose the classes carefully, to make the process easier by balancing out. In the end, it would depend on whether you are there to grow the wisdom or to focus on grades.

5. Universityc of Pennsylvania

As an Ivy League School, the standards here are set at quite high levels right from the stage of admission. The acceptance rate is around 9% every year, and the students often find themselves cramming six days a week to get a decent grade.

UPenn advertises open curriculums, but even that has a robust system to break. To start with, it is hard to find a course that matches both the requirements and your academic interests. It is the Freshman year here where students feel the most challenged but as the college student testimonials say, studying here will test all your soft and hard skills in many ways, but it is indeed possible.

Enrolling into one of these colleges is a dream come true for many. But once you get in, the life there might seem harder than expected. The only way to nourish would be by not being disheartened and by focusing on how lucky you are to be there and striving hard to achieve greatness.

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