Top 4 Tips on How to Succeed at a Long-Distance Relationship

Nobody ever said it would be easy – but in today’s modern world, it is easier than ever to end up in a long-distance relationship. It might be the case that after having built a truly strong relationship one of you has to move away for work or college, or that you met up during the summer holidays and cannot bear the thought that this fling will have to end. Whatever the case, sometimes long-distance relationships are totally worth it. In order not to get lost in the noise though, here are our top four tips for succeeding at long-distance romance.

1. Set Clear Goals

The hardest thing about doing long-distance is that you miss each other so much – and you also miss so much of each other’s life. The little things that will allow you to really get to know a person can only be discovered through a daily routine. So, the first important step to take is to set regular dates where you can meet up in person. By planning ahead and having a clear deadline for when you will see each other again, you have something positive to focus on when that insecurity and anxiety about your future together consume you.

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2. Overcome the Distance

Long-distance is not easy, so it is important to find some fun in it to keep the fire going – and especially to overcome all that tedious traveling back and forth. Maybe your better half is a poker or roulette enthusiast – suggest a mobile friendly online casino so that they can play their favorite game during that long bus ride to your hometown. And maybe you both like movies – let your partner pick a movie that you can watch offline on the Netflix app on the plane and when you get there you can discuss it together over a quiet night in with some wine. It is important to take advantage of the time you are apart to deepen your relationship.

3. Understand What Works for You

It is crucial to always strive to find a balance. Sometimes your relationship will work better when you see each other less often but for longer and sometimes all you need is to meet as often as possible, even if it is just for the weekend. Each couple is different and you may go through various ups and downs before you realize what works best for you, but it is well worth the pain.

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4. Understand the Limits

The hardest thing to do in long-distance relationships – besides saying goodbye every time – is to understand where to draw the line. It is often the case that you will have to miss important milestones like birthdays or Christmas – and that is ok. You have to remember that your social life will suffer a bit so as much as you want to spend all day Skyping each other it is important to carve time out for your friends, as it is to set time apart from your busy schedule to talk with your partner on the phone.

Finally, do not forget to also take advantage of the distance. No one will blame you for literally meeting each other halfway at that great vacation spot you always wanted to visit!


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