The Sports Stars You Should Be Taking Fitness Advice From

For many people looking to get in shape or shed some weight, the exercise bike is central to all of their fitness activity. Cycling outdoors delivers a huge range of fitness benefits, and luckily indoor cycling on an exercise bike offers much of the same but at your convenience. Bikes are perfect for the deployment of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which quickly boosts your fitness and metabolism, resulting in you burning more fat.

Using the HIIT principles while on an exercise bike or doing moderate pace work for 30 minutes or more each day will help to shed a bulk of the weight, and with a proper diet, can go further to get you lean.

When looking for inspiration or inside tips to get fit, a lot of us turn to famous sports stars as they have reached the pinnacle of their athletic profession, thus must know what they’re doing. Soccer players and boxers are often good examples, but when it comes to techniques for cutting weight, there are few athletes better to look to than cyclists.

With the exercise bike as the core of your fitness regime, it makes sense to get some tips from top cyclists, and we’ve found advice from two of the best.

Geraint Thomas’ low-carbohydrate rides

Geraint Thomas made headlines all over the cycling world in 2018 by becoming the first Welshman to win the general classification at the Tour de France, taking the title that teammate and heavy favourite Chris Froome had won in four of the last five years. Thomas will be training hard as we speak to repeat in July, sitting at 5/2 in the cycling betting to win the Tour de France again, while Froome is once again the favourite at 6/4.

As one of the best cyclists in the world right now, Thomas certainly has some top tips, particularly to do with how you fuel. It should be noted that Thomas goes on rides that span five or six hours and he’s looking to continue to improve his cycling, but his rules can be extrapolated to those looking to lose weight.

Thomas says that when his team aren’t doing ‘efforts’, they go on low-carb rides by only eating an omelette before training to try and become more efficient and use fat and protein as fuel rather than carbohydrates all of the time. This method effectively puts his body in a state of ketosis while he rides, which is a very effective way for you to lose weight as it targets stored carbohydrates – the hardest areas to tackle.

Chris Froome’s specified dieting

Chris Froome is considered to be the best road racing cyclist in the world right now, despite losing the Tour de France to Thomas in 2018. The Nairobi native has claimed four Tour de France general classification wins and certainly knows how to stay in shape.

Despite his lanky frame, Froome says that he does struggle to stay lean. So, he has to think hard about the quality of the food that he eats. The Team Sky cyclist says that organic fruit, vegetables, and meat are what he focuses on for his diet.

As a professional cyclist, Froome rides for five or six hours each day, but he says that they don’t simply burn everything off while doing so; cutting out low-quality carbohydrates and having more fruit, vegetables, and meat is important to getting and remaining lean.

If you’re looking to lose weight or get fit, make the exercise bike the core of your routine, and then follow the advice of these two elite-level cyclists to get the most out of your work.

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