The silver men’s rings to complete your badass look

In the world of badass men, there have always been signature rings. Italian mafia bosses, hell’s angels bikers, city gang leaders; they’ve all been known to complete their look and display their power through the use of rings.

In the mafia, those higher up would usually wear the most impressive rings as a sign they don’t have to get their hands dirty – this was made clear in the American Italian gangsta TV series The Sopranos, (, and historically, powerful families would wear their family crest on their ring so they could be instantly recognised and respected. Whatever the reason high-powered men throughout history have worn rings, they were always seen as a symbol for wealth, power, status, and belonging.

If you’re up to date with what’s latest in men’s fashion, you’ll know that rings are back in, and it’s no longer the flashy, gem stoned type which is taking centre stage (and let’s face it, that’s not exactly an everyday look). Silver men’s rings are back, and there’re a lot of incredible new designs to choose from.

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Edgy Luxury

So, why silver? While gold used to be known as the “luxury” metal, it’s been used, and overused for far too long, and now it may send out the wrong signal. Many now associate it with tackiness and overt bragging – something which is always looked down upon by those who are truly wealthy.

Not only is silver still known as a subtle, but expensive material to wear, it also fits in with the monochromatic style which is currently dominating fashion. Colour is out. White, blacks, and silvers are in. Combine that with some edgy designs, and the result is one that draws the eye, and shows off a distinctive personality.

Which finger should I wear my ring on?

Depending on the message you want to send, you should have a think about which finger to display your ring on before you buy, so you can fit it perfectly.

Symbolism is important, and each finger gives off a different meaning, as explained in this article: A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings ( but there’s also the question of practicality. Certain fingers give a greater ease of movement, or may get in the way (or be out of the way) if you’re doing a great number of tasks with your hands day to day.

Choose your design         

For whatever reason you choose to wear it, and whichever finger you choose to wear it on, your next step is to choose a silver ring design which not only fits your rebellious, badass personality, but also follows the current men’s fashion.



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