The most high-profile crimes committed by students

We used to believe that it is impossible to imagine a student capable of murder. What was once a rarity that caused public shock now seems to be a usual thing. This raises a lot of controversy about why students kill and what we should do about it.

There are some theories of why young people commit murders, which are as follows: violence in video games, television shows and movies, as well as lack of examples of positive behavior in family, lack of love and upbringing. Some say that it is necessary to engage in the rehabilitation of the student who committed a crime, while others believe that students, just like adults, are capable of serious acts of horror and have be severely punished for their crimes.

In today’s post, we would like to present some high-profile crimes, which were committed by students in history. In addition, we recommend you check out this link, where you can find some student hobbies.

Melinda Loveless, Lori Takket, Tony Lawrence and Hope Rippey

USA, age: 15 to 18 years

Melinda Loveless was jealous of her ex-girlfriend, Amanda Hervin, to the friendship that began between her and 12-year-old Shanda Renee Scherer. Melinda decided it was time to do something about it.

In the evening of January 10, 1992, four teenage girls – Melinda Loveless, Lori Takket, Tony Lawrence and Hope Rippey came up with a plan of how Melinda could take revenge on Scherer. Four girls took Takket’s car and arrived at the house of Scherer. Loveless forced Lawrence and Rippey to go to the front door and tell Scherer that they were friends of Harvin and would like to meet with Renee Scherer at her request. Scherer replied that her parents were still awake, but once they had fallen asleep, she could slip out of the house.

The girls returned to Scherer’s place about half-past one. Takket and Rippey went after her whereas Loveless was hiding in the back seat, clutching a knife in her hand. After the car drove away from the house, Loveless suddenly jumped out from under the seat. This was the beginning of a shocking torture.

Loveless put a knife to her neck and accused her of having sex with Amanda. They drove to a junkyard, where Loveless and Takket pulled Scherer out of the car and started torturing her. The other two girls stayed in the car refusing to participate. Scherer was stripped naked and the girls beat her and tried to cut her throat, but the knife was too blunt.

Rippey then got out of the car and held Scherer, so that Loveless and Takket could take turns stabbing her with a knife. They choked her until she lost consciousness. When Scherer became conscious again and started screaming, Takket approached her and beat her with a piece of fittings until she again lost consciousness.

Afterward, the girls went back to Takket’s place where they had a bite, drank soda and laughed at what they had just done with Scherrer now lying unconscious in the trunk of the car. Then, the girls decided to go to the gas station. They refueled the car and filled the empty soda bottle with gasoline. In the field, Takket and Rippey took Scherer out of the car and wrapped her in a blanket. They doused her with gasoline and set her on fire, who was still alive at that point. On the same day, two hunters discovered the body.

Kevin Madden and Timothy Ferriman

Canada, age: 16 years

This crime took place in Canada. Kevin Madden, his friend Timothy Ferriman, and another friend who cannot be named by the laws of Canada were hanging out at Kevin’s place on November 25, 2003. The lady friend started recording their conversation after the guys began talking about committing a mass murder. Later, the guys drank wine, which they found in the house, and began to outrage.

When Kevin’s 12-year-old brother named Jonathon entered the room, Ferriman handed Kevin a knife and began to incite him to attack his brother. Kevin inflicted a terrible blow to his brother, severing his ligaments and carotid artery. The guy drowned in a pool of his own blood. The guys moved Jonathon’ body to the basement. When Kevin and Jonathon’s brother came home, he was attacked with a knife and a baseball bat but he managed to escape with minor injuries. All three were soon arrested.

The first trial led to a judicial error due to perjury of Ferriman’s girlfriend. The second trial found the two boys guilty and acquitted the third. Kevin Madden was found guilty of killing his own brother and attempted murder (for attacking his father). Timothy Ferriman was found guilty of manslaughter.

Eric Borel

France, age: 16 years

In the days leading up to this tragic event, Eric Borel told his fellow students: “I’ve had enough.” He expressed a desire to commit suicide, but before he did it, he was going to kill several people. No one knows what exactly made the guy do this, but there is a suggestion that his stepfather beat him and the mother knew about it. He also had some study-related problems but luckily, today, students can get help from

In the evening of September 23, 1995, Eric entered the kitchen of his house in Sollis-Pont, leveled a 22-caliber rifle at his stepfather and shot him four times. Then he hit him on the head with a hammer. Eric walked into the living room, where his 11-year-old half-brother was watching television and killed him in the same fashion.

After cleaning up, Eric waited for his mother to come home from the church. As soon as his mother entered the house, Eric shot her in the head killing her on the spot. The guy cleaned up again, covered the body with a cloth and packed some food into the backpack. Filling his pockets with bullets, he took a rifle and left the house.

At about 7 am, Eric came to a house in Kue, which was about 6 kilometers from his own house, and entered into a dispute with his friend. When the friend turned around and went into the house, Eric shot him. Then Eric simply went down the streets, shooting passers-by at random. Approximately half an hour later, the police arrived and attempted to arrest the guy who then simply shot himself in the forehead.

The witnesses later remarked how calm Eric was opening fire on his victims. He killed 13 people including his family members. Two more died from wounds in the hospital, and four of the wounded survived.

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