The Love Plateau: How to Keep the Fun Going in Your Relationship

Everyone knows that in the beginning stages of dating, everything is fresh and new… meaning everything is fun! From the weird way she laughs to the quirky way he eats cereal, you love every aspect about your significant other… You know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? Does that also mean that time drags by when the fun starts to fade away? It makes you wonder how couples stay in long-term relationships.

So what do you do when the thrill of newness is gone and you’ve both gotten comfortable with each other… too comfortable with each other? It’s like the effort from both people has faded away, but exactly when did the fun fade away from the relationship? That weird laugh you used to love now sounds like a dying cat to you and that quirky way he eats his cereal is now kind of gross to watch… but you both still love each other very much, so what is there left to do now?

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you both love each other as much as you say you do, then you have to do everything in your power to keep the fun in the relationship, as a couple. Sit down with your partner and talk first. Confirm with each other that you both realize that the relationship has hit a plateau and needs to continue in an upward direction of growth.


Once you two have determined that, you actively start making plans to work on the fun in the relationship. If the love is still there, sometimes all the relationship needs is a little pick-me-up. If your relationship is full of love but the fun has faded away take a look at these tips on how to keep the fun going in your relationship.

Surprise Each Other

When you’re in a relationship with someone and you start to spend LOTS of time together, the two of you can stumble into a routine of “same old, same old.” Consistency is good but sometimes you just need to switch things up a bit… predictability can kill any mood. If you pack him a lunch, leave him a little note in his lunch bag or go to his favorite restaurant and bring his favorite meal to his job.

Take Him on the Date of His Dreams

Remember, this date has nothing to do with you… it’s all about him and what he would like to do. If your man enjoys the outdoors (even though you don’t), get creative and look for ideas for an outdoors date, whether it be fishing or camping. If he likes sports, look into getting tickets for a college or pro game… The bottom line is that by taking him on a dream date (especially if he knows you’re not into it at all), he’ll know that you really put forth the effort to do something nice for him that you have no interest in.

Go on a  Small Road Trip

Sometimes to keep the fun in the relationship, you just need to get away, even if it’s just for a small weekend adventure. Go somewhere that both of you have never been to before! This would be a new experience for the both of you and it would be a great way to start a “do you remember that time we went to” story.


This is also a great way to account for each other. When going on road trips you, of course, want to make sure that you both are safe and are prepared for emergencies, especially if an injury occurs during the trip. So that means getting the car fully serviced and checked out and making sure the car insurance is up-to-date.

Compliment Him

You may not believe this but men like compliments just as much as women do. You’re used to him complimenting you but make the effort to pay him compliments, and not just physical appearance compliments either. The Good Men Project states that men not only like compliments on how they look but they also like compliments on how you believe in him, how you notice his efforts, and how you respect him. Some compliments that men love to hear are:


  • “I’m so proud of you”
  • “You’re a good man”
  • “Wherever you go, I’m going with you”
  • “You’re too good to me”
  • “You look really handsome tonight”


Those are just a few compliments that may come off as “corny” to you but men really love getting those compliments. To really spice things up, if you two are with friends or family together, try sending him a text message complimenting him. The “hotness” of it all is that you’re around other people but you’re admiring him from across the room… oh, and these compliments need to be compliments on how he looks… “you look so hot right now.” Go on and throw in the emoji with hearts for eyes too!

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