The key to handling the stresses of university

Being a university student is one of the most thrilling adventures you can have, but it also inevitably comes with its own challenges and stresses. Of course, this is an inevitable truth in every possible aspect or adventure in life, but going to university puts you through far more stress than anyone who has not dealt with it themselves can possibly imagine. Sometimes, the experience can feel so chaotic that it feels difficult to breathe. These challenges are unavoidable; they are part of the whole experience. So, how do you combat them in a way that is both constructive and realistic? There are many strategies of coping with the stresses of university, but there are three that have the most impact, most of the time.

Finding a support network

This is so important because during your time as a university student, you will sometimes find yourself away from your usual support network. This is especially true if you have moved away from home to study. Of course, your usual support network is still there, but it makes the world of difference if you have people who you can be around in person, to help you through your toughest moments – because there will be some of those…there always is, no matter the circumstances or the situation at hand. So, find your support network, and make sure that it is one that will have your back as fiercely as you have theirs.

Knowing when to ask for help

Yes, studying for finals is important. So is writing those assessments and polishing them before the due date and time. But you do not have to do it all yourself, all the time. There is absolutely nothing in all the world wrong with asking for help when you need it. Whether that help comes in the form of having a meeting with the academic coordinator of your faculty, starting a study group, having a visit with family to refresh and replenish, or an essay writing service that can help you shape your final piece to take some of the pressure off, the point remains the same: ask for help when you need it, and do not apologise for doing so.

Taking time to step back and breathe

Of course, your studies are important – that is the whole point of higher education, after all. But what is more important is your mental health and wellbeing. When it feels like the walls are closing in, take a deep breath and step back – even if only for five or ten minutes. You will never be able to produce your best work or perform at your best, if you are running on fumes. To be at your best, you must be willing and able to make time for yourself, as well as your studies. Balance is the key to handling stress at university (and in life in general, for that matter), so make it your business to master the art of stepping back when necessary. Your body and your grades will thank you.


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