Sop Alert! Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Why Give Your Boyfriend a Nickname?

Not everyone uses nicknames for their loved ones, but often it is just a sign that you feel close to one another, and want to express your warm fuzzy feelings. Sometimes it can come out in weird ways – for example, you may end up calling him something that doesn’t sound very warm and fuzzy at all, but for some reason it cam out, and it has stuck.

Nicknames are also a sign of familiarity and feeling comfortable and at ease with another person. It can also be a way of forming a bond or connection to someone special.

You don’t have to feel under any pressure to have a nickname for your boyfriend. If you force it then it won’t feel natural anyway, and part of the fun of having nicknames for each other is that is feels natural and makes you both feel more at ease around each other.

Give your boyfriend a nickname if you want him to know how special he is to you, or if you want to give him a giggle.

Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Sexy Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Bad Boy




Sex god


Hot Stuff


Big Boy



What If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want a Nickname

Some people cringe at the thought of having soppy nicknames for their loved ones, and would rather die than be called “sweetkins” in public. If you boyfriend just doesn’t feel comfortable with it, then maybe don’t give him a nickname. Or if you must, then only use them in private, where you can both laugh about it.

Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend










Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

How Do You Know If You Have Chosen The Right Nickname?

To be honest, you don’t choose the nickname; the nickname chooses you! You will probably just find yourself coming out with some random word, and that will become your boyfriend’s nickname. Sometimes it might have a direct meaning or relate to something in particular about your boyfriend, or your relationship, but there is no guarantee that the nickname will have any relevance at all. Plus, often couples have several nicknames for each other and don’t just stick to one. That’s the great thing about them; they go in and out of fashion within your relationship as it develops. So just have fun with it!

Romantic Nicknames For Your Boyfriend



My Hero







When Is The Right Time To Give Your Boyfriend a Nickname?

The only true answer to this question is that you will just know! It will feel natural, you will just want to express yourself, and it will pop out – perhaps much to your horror, or much to your boyfriend’s horror! Don’t stress about it though, just deal with it when it happens, and don’t take it too seriously.

Funny Nicknames For Your Boyfriend












What Nicknames Should I avoid giving My Boyfriend?

A general rule of thumb is not to refer to anything he might feel sensitive about. This might be a part of his body, something about his personality, job, religion, culture, background or anything else that he cares about, or is sensitive about, and might take too seriously.

Sweet Nicknames For Your Boyfriend












When Is It Appropriate to Call your Boyfriend By His Nickname?

He might not appreciate it if you call him soppy things in front of his mates because they are likely to make fun of him. Referring to him by his nickname on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may not be a good idea either. It is probably best to stay away from using them around his family too. So in conclusion – free use of nicknames in private, or when other people are out of earshot! Nicknames are meant to be between the two of you anyway, that’s the whole point of it. It’s like a private form of communication – a secret language that says “I love you”.

Classic Nicknames For Your boyfriend






My love







When Do You Know You Use His Nickname Too Much?

When you forget his real name!

Cool Nicknames For Your Boyfriend



Mr. DJ







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