Powerful Reasons Why Teenagers Should Play Sports

We don’t all get the same level of enjoyment out of doing the same things. Yet, there are some activities that every teenager should carry out. A good example is that of playing sports regularly.

It is well-known that sport helps to increase fitness levels and boost a person’s overall heath. What other benefits do you need to know about?

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Improve Social Skills

This is a great way for young people to improve social skills. When playing sports, you spend more time with people of different ages and backgrounds. You all have something in common that brings you together and encourages social interaction.

If you become skilled at a certain sport, your confidence will be boosted and you will feel the benefit in other aspects of your life. Many top athletes were shy as teenagers but grew in confidence once it became clear that they had a gift for sports.

You may find that you need to take part in meetings and conferences, or even get interviewed by the press. If you are shy just now, you will soon see how you are encouraged to break down this barrier.

Gain Leadership and Teamwork Skills

It is through sports that a lot of people discover that they are natural leaders. Team sports like basketball and football allow you to develop your leadership skills and a good team spirit as you play.

You will begin to think of your team’s needs above your own. Your teammates need you and you can’t just go around thinking of yourself or your own performance once you start playing in a team. Look at how NFL and NBA players bond together and always play for the team rather than themselves.

If we look back at some of the most memorable Super Bowl winners, what can we see? These football teams tend to be strong units where everyone plays their part. A team can only perform to a high standard when every person is in it does their job.

Make New Friends

The friends that you make while playing sports will probably be among the strongest and longest-lasting relationships in your life. This is partly because these friendships are based on a shared passion for sports that is likely to never fade.

Then there is the fact that you will go through so many different situations and emotions together. You are going to laugh, cry, and celebrate with your sporting friends. All of this means that you will build a strong bond.

A look at some of the strongest friendships among pro athletes brings up a few interesting combinations. Did you know that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are best buddies who go on holidays together with their respective families?

Learn to Manage Your Time

Playing sports is often one of the biggest ways that a teenager is really put to the test in terms of time management. Juggling college commitments with training and playing is a big challenge that not everyone is ready for.

However, getting into a good routine and learning how to be productive for longer periods of time is a worthwhile benefit. There is no doubt that it is something that will be incredibly useful in the rest of your life.

Get More Energy

There are some very good reasons why teenagers are often low on energy. Research shows that up to 40% of healthy teens regularly feel sleepy. This may be due to no getting enough sleep, having a disorderly schedule, or over-use of the internet.

Taking part in sports can help in this aspect, as exercise is one of the best ways of gaining more energy. It can also help you to take a more structured approach to your day, with early nights when necessary and enough resting time during the day. Soon, you will have more stamina than a horse running in the Kentucky Derby.

All of these are strong reasons for taking part in sport. Yet, the most important of all is that this is a fun way of passing time while you learn some skills and feel good about yourself.

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