What are the popular Modern Stop Snoring Methods you should consider?

Snoring is not a disease though it remains the commonest sleeping disorders and has no age bracket, at some point in time, even babies and toddlers do snore. According to recent surveys, roughly 45% of adults snore occasionally and roughly 25% of adults are chronic or habitual snorers. There are several reasons for snoring but the underlying cause is the vibration in the narrow air passageway in the respiratory tract. Being overweight, sleep deprivation, weakness of the throat, and excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs can be responsible for snoring.

Though snoring may not require medical treatment unless there is more serious underlying health condition and there is a need for surgical correction of the weak throat or weak air passageway.

Gone are the days when snoring constitutes nuisance especially to your partner and your entire household, nowadays, there are a number of modern anti-snoring options worth considering, these include;

  • Nasal strips,
  • The Theravent snore strips,
  • The anti-snoring mouthpieces,
  • Anti-snoring pillows, and
  • Other mechanical aids to stop snoring.

The nasal strips as a solution to snoring

Nasal strips are perhaps the commonest anti-snoring options in modern times. These strips are effective because they target the main causes of nasal congestion thus unclogging the nasal region to improve the flow of air and great sleep. Nasal strips are designed because obstructed breathing is known to be the major reason for most snoring issues.

The Theravent snore strips

Theravent snore strips are known to monitor the breathing rates of the individual user. The snore strips usually work when the user exhales and then the strips will create some gentle push that will apply some pressure and force the throat airways to open, thus reducing the vibration and smoothens the passageway for air.

The mouthpieces

The mouthpieces may be inconvenient for some people but they are effective in stopping snoring. The mouthpiece is normally attached to the jaw and keeps the mouth in a straight position while you sleep. The retainer in the mouthpiece should keep the airways open thus reducing drastically the chances of snoring. In some cases, the mouthpieces can be used to re-align the set of teeth.

The anti-snoring pillows

The anti-snoring pillows are perhaps the most convenient way to stop snoring because you don’t have to attach any device to your nose or mouth. Anti-snoring pillows work to stop snoring by keeping the neck in the proper position and supporting the head to reduce the risk of snoring. With this feature, a proper breathing alignment is created by the support given to the neck.

The nasal sprays

Nasal sprays are semi-gaseous solutions that are sprayed to prevent or stop snoring. Nasal sprays are decongestants, used in clearing the congested nasal passageway. The spray usually works within 10 minutes of application. The saline nasal sprays are some of the commonest types of sprays for snoring and for providing relief against allergies associated with the respiratory passageway. The saline nasal sprays are used in reducing the inflammation and swelling of the mucosal lining – this will help improve airflow in the nose and there wouldn’t be any need for mouth breathing.

Other mechanical anti-snoring options

The anti-snoring egg is one of the most convenient anti-snoring devices around. The anti-snoring egg is non-invasive and does not cause any allergic reaction. The anti-snoring egg is more of a reactionary mechanical device because it detects snoring and acts quickly to stop the snoring before it wakes anyone up. The anti-snoring egg is so called because it is shaped like an egg, but it is not an edible egg.

With the mechanical anti-snoring egg, you don’t have to wear anything device to bed, these include the dentures, masks and nose strips. The anti-snoring egg is so small that it can be hidden anywhere close to your bed. The device works with a pre-install app to record your sleeping pattern and that can help you choose when to use the device to stop snoring. The anti-snoring device is capable of detecting when you are snoring and will slightly release an anti-snoring solution that will expand your collapsing air passageway.

It is worth trying Good Morning Snore Solution because of its numerous benefits especially in stopping or preventing snoring. The Good morning snore solution is an amazing mouthpiece mechanical device that works as a tongue-restraining device so that the tongue does not block your airway and cause snoring.

As a tongue retaining device, the Good morning snore solution is ideal for chronic snorers, and while you wear it, you are required to breathe through your nose and not the mouth. This is a durable device that is much more durable than most other types of mechanical anti-snoring devices because it lasts for over 2 years. Most mouth or tongue-training anti-snoring devices are one-size fit all but that does not mean you can’t find them in different sizes.

Most mechanical mouth training devices are made up of soft silicone or soft plastic materials, hence they do not constitute any mechanical injury to the mouth. Most of these mechanical devices do not require any adjustment. Though most mechanical anti-snoring devices do not cause any side effects there are some devices that may cause minor soreness or increase in sensitivity on your tongue and in some cases, they may cause dry mouth. Drooling is also a possibility when using a mechanical anti-snoring mouth device for the first time. The ideal anti-snoring mechanical devices are friendly to the dentition, and their durability varies.

In conclusion, If you are quite nervous and may not be able to handle strips, dentures, and some other wearable strips, then you may have to use sprays or any stand-alone anti-snoring device. If you are comfortable wearing strips, or another mechanical device then you may probably get your airway fixed after using such devices for a long time.

Price factor should be the last factor to consider, while comfortability and effectiveness of the anti-snoring product are the most important thing. You may want to set up a budget depending on the durability of the anti-snoring product.

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