100 Cute Polyvore Outfits For Girls

Polyvore is this crazy cool website where you can use a tool that you download. it’s mainly used by girls to put clothing together and talk. On Polyvore, each item includes a link in its description back to where it was originally found on the interweb. Here are 100 outfits that many girls would like to try.

Casual with Shadescute polyvore outfits0001

This look is easy to achieve. Big oversize necklace, watch, light jacket, high heel boots, and of course aviator glasses.

Dyed Denim

cute polyvore outfits0011

This pastel dyed denim jacket looks great with the creamy top and peach shorts.


Jacket and Scarf

cute polyvore outfits0021

A pastel pink jacket and gray oversized cowl makes a cute look.


Purse and Boots

cute polyvore outfits0031

This oversized purse and knee high boots makes this outfit pop.


The Black Dress

cute polyvore outfits0041

This slim long black dress is always a classic.


Black, White, and Shades

cute polyvore outfits0051

This black polka dot shirt pops and the aviator sunglasses are an added bonus.


Plaid Shirt and Skirt

cute polyvore outfits0061

This plaid shirt and green skirt looks great with the black stockings and gold shoes.


Matching Purse and Shoes

cute polyvore outfits0071

You can achieve this look by just having matching shoes and purse.


Cowl and shades

cute polyvore outfits0081

A blue jacket, white tee, and cowl and of course the aviator glasses can give you this look.


Blue Denim and Leather

cute polyvore outfits0091

Denim Shirt and jeans looks good with the oversized brown leather bag and cheetah print shoes.


Red Blazer

cute polyvore outfits0101

This outfit looks great with the red blazer, over sized cowl and sunglasses.


Brown Leather

cute polyvore outfits0111

The matching oversized leather bag, knee high boots and jacket look awesome with the plaid scarf.


Matching Hat and Bag

cute polyvore outfits0121

If you don’t have matching shoes and purse you can always go for matching color hat and oversize bag.


Sweater and Heels


These jeans look great with high heels and matching oversized sweater.


Plaid Shirt

cute polyvore outfits0141

The blazer and jeans looks cool with the plaid shirt and heels.


Ashley Olsen

cute polyvore outfits0151

Ashley is wearing a beige blazer and awesome heels with an oversized black bag.


Plaid oversized shirt

cute polyvore outfits0161

Dig into your boyfriend’s closet for an oversized plaid shirt – it looks good with worn jeans and a shirt.


Miley Cyrus

cute polyvore outfits0171

Another example of looking stylish in an oversized plaid shirt and oversized black bag.


Plaid Scarf


Plaid is in with this scarf.


Boots and Hat

cute polyvore outfits0191

The brown matching boots and hat go great with the red plaid shirt.


Bag, Coat, and Shades


The beige coat and oversized black bag look fashionable and casual.


Black Leather and Fur Vest

cute polyvore outfits0211

This model is wearing patent leather boots and jacket with a fur vest and patent leather leggings looking very stylish.


Casual Chic

cute polyvore outfits0221

The pullover sweater and oxford shirt look great with the black shades and cheetah print flats.


Stylish with Shorts

cute polyvore outfits0231

This shows you can still wear shorts and look stylish with a sheer long sleeve shirt and cow print purse and dark shades.


Bag and Heels

cute polyvore outfits0241

This outfit pops with this bright pink bag and matching heels.


Studded Denim

cute polyvore outfits0251

These studded denim jeans look great with reflective sunglasses and gray blazer.


Shorts and Blazer

cute polyvore outfits0261

Another example of going out in style in shorts. This model is wearing bright yellow shorts with matching necklace and a white thin jacket.


Stylish Casual

cute polyvore outfits0271

The ripped jeans look great with this beige jacket, high heels, large cowl, and oversized black bag.


Mini Dress

cute polyvore outfits0281

The high knee boots and cowl make are great add ons.


Cheetah Jacket

cute polyvore outfits0291

This outfit the model is wearing looks great with this cheetah print jacket.


Stripe Shirt

cute polyvore outfits0301

The cheetah printed cowl adds just the right touch.


Hot Pink and Gray

cute polyvore outfits0311

Hot pink pants give this gray outfit the right splash of color.


Denim Jacket

cute polyvore outfits0321

You can make a dressed up look more casual wearing a denim jacket.


Black Sweater

cute polyvore outfits0331

You can dress up your casual look by wearing a sweater over your oxford shirt and high heels.


Black and Red Mini Dress

cute polyvore outfits0341

Added gold bracelets and gold purse added the right touch to this mini dress.


Denim Overalls

cute polyvore outfits0351

The oversized bag and dark sunglasses make this look casual and less frumpy..


Green Jacket and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0361

Model is wearing matching green jacket and shoes with oversized beige bag.


Red Plaid Shirt

cute polyvore outfits0371

The red plaid shirt brings out the flowing white skirt and top.


Tartan and Black boots

cute polyvore outfits0381

The Tartan cover and knee high black boots are just right for this outfit.


White Tank and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0391

The necklace is just the right accessory for this dressed down outfit.


Fur Vest

cute polyvore outfits0401

Fur vest, high knee boots, and big necklace and bag are just the right for this outfit.


Stripe Shirt and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0411

You can dress up your worn jeans with a top like this and high knee boots.


Sweater and Bag

cute polyvore outfits0421

You can wear a over sized sweater jacket and bag to achieve this look.


Denim Jacket and Doc Martins

cute polyvore outfits0431

The Doc Martins and knitted black hat add to this 90s grunge look.


Stripe Shirt and Black Pants

cute polyvore outfits0441

The oversized cowl and bag is the way to go in getting this look.


Sweater and Boots

cute polyvore outfits0451

Model is wearing knee high boots and a bright pastel sweater.


Green Top and Skirt

cute polyvore outfits0461

Big blingy necklace and sunglasses add the right touch to this look.


Scarf and Coat

cute polyvore outfits0471

A wool coat and large scarf can get you this look.


Gray Jacket and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0481

The maroon cowl and boots are a nice touch to this outfit.


Gray Shawl and Bag

cute polyvore outfits0491

The gray shawl and cowl look great along with boots and bag.


White Sweater

cute polyvore outfits0501

Model is wearing black cowl and oversize bag as accessories for the sweater and skirt outfit. Don’t be afraid of stockings!


Gray Shirt and Fringe Boots

cute polyvore outfits0511

A colorful scarf and great boots make wonderful accessories.


Red Pants

cute polyvore outfits0521

The gold necklace and high heels give this outfit a boost.


White blouse and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0531

The oversized bag and shoes make this another great look for a classic combination.


Jacket and Bag

cute polyvore outfits0541

This wool jacket and black bag are great accessories for this outfit.


Jeans and Sneakers

cute polyvore outfits0551

The hot pink sneakers and dark sunglasses are a good added look.


Printed Tank and Ripped Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0561

The white jacket beige bag and boots look good with the worn jeans floral top.


Dressed in Black

cute polyvore outfits0571

The leather bag and large ski hat are good added touches for an all black outfit.


Jeans and Ski Hat

cute polyvore outfits0581

The ski hat and black wool jacket are an added casual plus.


Peach Jacket and Jeans

cute polyvore outfits0591

The floral shoes and pretty peach blazer jacket brighten up this look.


The hottest accessories to look out for when going shopping are oversized dark sunglasses and aviator glasses, big oversized bags, hats and shoes that match, as well as cowls, scarves and fur vests. Many of the other accessories were cheetah print shoes and jacket and plaid is a popular print. With these in style items and some basic jeans and tees you’re good to go!


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