One Minute Cleaning – Items You Can Easily Clean

Do you love cleaning? Most people do not which I do not find surprising at all. Not only does cleaning consume your energy but it steals your free time which actually explains why so many people would turn to a professional cleaning company rather than doing the chores on their own. However, I am not one of those people, I always do the tasks on my own even if that would mean that I need to sacrifice my time. Do you know why? Because at the end of the day when you are done cleaning, you feel relieved and efficient. 

Most frequently the filthiest items in my home are those I forget about and this way, remain filthy. Fortunately, it is not the end of the world and there is something that can be done about it. What is even more, for these items there is no need to sacrifice all your time because they can be cleaned in one minute. Yes, I am not even kidding. If you have several minutes to spare, you can get all these items cleaned as soon as possible. 

Cell phone 

Let’s start with one item without which we cannot imagine the contemporary world- the cell phone. As we use it at all times, we need to make sure that is cleaned on a regular basis. First, turn it off and leave it to cool down a bit. The case of the phone can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and alcohol which evaporates quickly. To clean the screen, wipe it down with a microfiber towel or cloth. Do not use alcohol for the screen because it can damage the delicate coating.



Even though it is more than essential to replace the kitchen sponge every once in a while, you can prolong its life by putting it in the microwave. You only need to damp it in advance and that’s it. The microwave rays will kill the bacteria and you can use the sponge for a longer time. 

Kitchen Towel 

Although I wash the bathroom towels quite often sometimes it happens to forget about the kitchen towels. So provide yourself with plenty of these so that you can rotate more frequently. 

Ceiling fan 

If you are a fan of the ceiling fans (pun inserted) especially during summer then you are aware of the risk to have dust flying all around. Spare only a minute to get it cleaned. Did you know that you can make your life a lot easier by cleaning each blade with a pillowcase? This way you will prevent dust from falling everywhere are saying from 


Most people spend about 1/3 of one day and night sleeping. You need to make sure that the pillow is well taken care of. You cannot wash it daily but you can freshen it up by putting it in the dryer more often. 

TV remote 

Use a damp cloth and mix of water and rubbing alcohol (1:1) to polish the remote. To get in between the buttons use a Q-tip. It is not even close to difficult to clean it and will probably take you less than a minute. 

Make up brushes 

If you wear make up quite often, then you need to clean the brushes frequently. If you do not have Make up Brush Cleaner, you can easily make your own or you can simply make use of soap and water. All you need to do is to swirl the brushes in a soapy water and then rinse them. Let them dry on a soft water. Easy. 



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