Navigating long distance relationships

How to Survive Long Distance Dating

In the modern world, there are many different kinds of relationship but, without a doubt, the one which attracts the most discussion and speculation is the long distance relationship. Although some couples choose to conduct their relationship long distance, many others find themselves having to do so due to work commitments or travel / visa restrictions. One of the most complicated but promising kinds of relationship is long-distance dating and, a lot of the time, we tend not to speak about international dating, dating Russian women or Colombian girls, as well as other inter-country or even mail-order relationships. We also rarely discuss specialized services and websites like Thai or Russian dating site, reviews where like-minded people can meet, chat and even fall in love.

While long distance relationships aren’t easy, they’re not impossible. So, what are the Pros and Cons of them?

When dating somebody overseas, many western people find themselves in the position of conducting a long distance relationship, at least to begin with. In fact, a large percentage of relationships which begin online go through a period of long distance romance including many of those initiated by online dating sites. Although these kind of relationships are not without their problems, there can also be benefits to such an arrangement. We’ve put together our list of pros and cons for anybody looking to take the leap into a long distance dalliance with somebody overseas.


Communication: Without daily physical contact, long distance couples rely on communication by telephone, text and email. Although the physicality may be missed to an extent, many find that they become closer due to the fact that they are sharing more of their feelings, thoughts and emotions. This is also a great opportunity for the more romantic gentleman to resurrect the art of writing letters to his loved one. Although time apart is tough, this is also a good opportunity for both parties to improve their language skills in preparation for their life together. On the bright side, you are in better position than someone who independently pursues an Asian or Russian bride, as you don’t have those tough language barriers.

It’s worth it: All kinds of relationships have their difficulties and take effort to make them work. By establishing an open and honest communication right from the start, a relationship with your international date can be made much stronger and longer lasting.

All in good time: Unlike a regular dating scenario, time apart gives both parties the opportunity to evaluate the relationship objectively. Some couples find that the long distance aspect is a deal breaker in a relationship that is unsteady to begin with. Others find that it simply makes them more determined to find a way to be together as quickly as possible. When beginning a long distance relationship, it’s a good idea to set realistic time-frames and boundaries. For example, work out what the obstacles are and then make a solid plan. Having a date to strive for can make the separation a lot easier. Set specific times for communication and stick to them – missed calls and being unable to reach a partner can put a lot of strain on a long distance relationship.

Build your network: All too often, within a regular dating scene, a new relationship will see friends and acquaintances left by the wayside. A period of long distance in a new relationship gives both parties the opportunity not just to stay connected to their friends but, to gradually introduce the new party into a circle, thus widening the social network for both.


Temptation: With a lack of regular physicality there is, of the course, the danger of temptation. Whether it’s a meaningless dalliance or, meeting somebody who makes one question the long distance relationship, honesty is always key when it comes to a meeting of minds – and bodies!


It’s complicated: Being apart from your loved one can be draining and frustrating as you try to share quality time in different time zones. Added to this, you’ll often be faced with intrusive questions from friends who don’t understand your relationship and wonder aloud if you wouldn’t be better off finding somebody closer to home.


Mixed signals: It’s a lot harder to read a partner’s emotional state by telephone or email – particularly after a fight or a tough spot in your relationship. Being unable to talk to and comfort a partner face to face or to do something simple like cook her favourite meal or buy her favourite flowers can add to the strain of a long distance relationship with your potential bride or groom.


It all adds up: The beginning of a relationship can be expensive enough as you try to impress with restaurant visits and thoughtful gifts. Add airfares and accommodation into the mix and the expenses of a long distance relationship can soon get out of hand.


Future tense: Was she really out with friends? How do I know I’m the only one? How come she didn’t take my call? These are all questions that you’ll ask yourself as you navigate the tricky waters of a long distance relationship. Be prepared to find yourself constantly feeling insecure and try to find ways to reassure one another.


Unplugged: You’ve poured the wine and put on your best shirt ready for face-time with your overseas partner – only to find that you’ve lost internet connection or your Skype is frozen. From checking out those first dating site reviews to chatting with your chosen lady or gentleman, technical difficulties go hand in hand with international dating and can be extremely frustrating, particularly when you have limited time.


It is more than possible to make a long distance relationship work but, it does take effort and a setting of boundaries to avoid frustration, insecurity and an eventual corroding of the relationship.

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