Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Did you know that one of the ways people gain the most confidence is to have a whiter smile? A white smile will not only make your smile that much brighter and more beautiful, but it will give you more confidence when you are meeting someone for the first time, when you go in for a meeting with your boss, when you go on a date, and so much more.

Although when people age, they naturally begin to have fewer white teeth. Life in general takes a toll on your teeth which can cause them to be a darker color. With that said, there are things you can do to help keep them a beautiful white color. Keep reading to learn more about what the experts at Noble Smiles Dentistry say to naturally whiten your teeth.

The first is strawberries. You may be thinking, but strawberries are such a vibrant color, how can they be helpful for my teeth. The ingredients in strawberries will help to whiten your teeth and not stain them in any way. This means the next time you are shopping and wanting to grab a snack, grab some strawberries and enjoy the healthy and delicious fruit which will also help to keep your teeth and beautiful shade of white.

The next way to naturally whiten your teeth is baking soda. This is one of the most common ways to whiten your teeth and has been around for many years. It’s also popular because you can do it on a budget. You simply grab baking soda and cover your teeth in it. Let it sit and then rinse the baking soda off. Don’t do this too often, but you can try this method about once per week.

The third suggestion is just combining the two suggestions we first made. This means you will crush up strawberries and mix baking powder in with them. Once they are crushed up you will cover your teeth in the mixture just like you would with just the baking powder, only this time there is also strawberries involved. Again, you want to make sure to only do this about once per week.

The next suggestion is using toothpaste that is specific for whitening teeth. It can be hard to recommend a specific brand or type because no two sets of mouths are the same. If you would like recommendations, we would suggest asking your dentist which type they think you should use. You should only use the toothpaste for a couple weeks and then switch back to your regular toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste should not be used too long because it can end up making your teeth very sensitive which is the last thing you want. Although white teeth are wonderful, you don’t want to jeopardize your own health and comfort.

Oil pulling is the next item that is not only helpful in getting your teeth whiter but also will be healthy for your teeth, gum, and overall body. Oil pulling involves getting coconut oil. You will put a spoonful into your mouth and leave it first in there to melt. Melting will not take very long. You will then switch it around your mouth. It will pull toxins out of your mouth and body and pull it into the oil. You will do this for at least fifteen minutes. Since it takes such a long time you want to get into a routine of doing it during another activity that you already are doing during the day. For example, while you are getting all ready for bed or while you are watching television at night or even while you are cooking dinner, you can be oil pulling. Oil pulling has so many benefits that you will be so happy you started doing it. Your teeth will notice a difference right away. You want to try and get into the habit of oil pulling every single day.

As we stated earlier, there are reasons why people lose the whiteness of their teeth. Yes, age does wear them, but this is something you cannot control. People that drink red wine are much more likely to get stained teeth. One recommendation is after you are finished drinking red wine, rinse your mouth out. This will help the sugars to not stick to your teeth which will help the sugars not to cause long-term damage. The next item that can damage your teeth is coffee. You have probably heard this many time before. Coffee is damaging to your teeth for many reasons. If you drink it daily, or even multiple times per day for years, this will cause your teeth to darken and stain. You can always make the change to whiter teeth and try some of our tips above, you may need to do them more often than the average person. The final reason why people get fewer white teeth is because of sugar. From soda to candy, sugar damages your teeth in many ways. Again, try and rinse your mouth after you have sugary foods and beverages, so the sugar does not stick. If you are drinking soda, try and use a straw. If you have a soda every day, try and cut back to every other day. Not only will your teeth thank you for it, but your overall health too.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your teeth whiter. There are also things you can try preventing for your teeth to stay whiter. Remember, since our recommendations were natural, you can do them again if you notice your teeth are starting to lose their whiteness.

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