Is Social Media Affecting Students

No one could imagine a day without scrolling the feed on Instagram or Facebook, as well as communicating via messengers, especially younger people who are used to share their emotions and events in their lives on social networks. These media are, undoubtedly, the fastest and most effective way of sharing information and data among people.

For a student, it is essential to remain up-to-date with evolving technologies. Hence, utilizing all the cutting-edge innovative gadgets is essential for them. This has certain benefits for them.

Main Advantages of Up-to-date Media Usage

  1. An All-in-one Source of Responses

The information is instantly shared among the students, thanks to the high-speed Internet connection and modern means. In such a way, the process of studies is effectively arranged. Besides, on the web, it is possible to find almost all the required data for studies: be it the contact details of a professional essay writing service or the list of books to be read for a term paper.

  1. Progress-oriented Generation

Lots of Apple fans have been waiting for the release of an iPhone 11 in the fall. Among them, there are lots of students. This generation is used to having the most cutting-edge innovations in their possession. In such a way, they are already aware of all the modern means that will be useful for them when they start their employment or business carrier.

The need to use all the modern media of connection and communication leads to the need for the most up-to-date devices — from a smartphone to a PC and kitchen gadgets connected to the web.

Besides, all contemporary means have created boundless possibilities for creative people. Hence, nowadays, it is feasible to become successful, acknowledged, and recognized before graduation from college. Thus, modern media and means have become the source and tools for self-realization and success even before reaching a full age.

  1. 24/7 Connection with the World

This statement can be controversial. Focusing on the benefits of being constantly connected, it is important to mention that all the crucial messages, as well as important events and news, are transmitted within a matter of minutes. Hence, it is possible to prevent possible tragedies because of any approaching problem, let’s say, a hurricane.

However, the use of modern media provides not only advantages. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pitfalls. One of them is a trivial dependence on the connection to social networks. Every person wakes up and starts scrolling the feed instead of cooking a healthy breakfast or jogging. What are the other hidden dangers of social media using by students?

  • Lack of live communication with people of the same age. With all these gadgets and Internet connection, young people are interacting all the time, however, with the exchange of messages and audio/video records. This leads to the growth of generation that has a poor experience in negotiating and problems’ solving.
  • Social media consume too much time that could have been devoted to studies, sports or hobbies. Everyone knows that feeling of losing the track of time while on FB or other nets. All these captivating videos, likes, and shares take at least a couple of hours per day.
  • Dependence on social networks may cause more serious problems with health, in particular, with the psychological well-being of a young person who is subject to the influence of diverse external factors. For instance, for lots of teenagers, recognition on the net is too important. They get disappointed when a picture they have recently posted has not been well-liked. Undoubtedly, only those who lack confidence may suffer from this, though, these are social networks that make his problem more acute.

This world has created plenty of feasibilities for contemporary people. Every innovation has been developed to facilitate people’s lives, however, it has a reverse side. Thus, everything is good in moderation only. Social media are valuable means of the present-day world and communication among people. Though, they are useful only if utilized in moderation. Students belong to the group who can already take responsibility for own actions. Using all the contemporary means wisely, this generation will become even more successful than present-day millionaires.

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