Is Plastic Surgery Worth the Risks?

There are a lot of reasons for people to choose to undergo plastic surgery, but many seem to forget that such operations come with a risk. Death due to complications in plastic or cosmetic surgeries is not uncommon. And the patient can file cosmetic surgery claims against practitioners should they be put in danger or worse.

Still, even after warnings, many patients take the risks of being operated on to enhance their looks. No doubt that these people seem comfortable with all the safety features people have put into these kinds of operations. But is it worth it? How likely are the chances to encounter complications during and after plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures?

  • Post-operation infections. The chances of post-operation infection are high, especially if the patient neglects body hygiene or has an unhygienic environment. Usually, doctors would require patients to ingest antibiotics as the wounds heal to prevent infection, but if the patient neglects medication, it might cause infection.
  • There is a substantial number of cases where surgery leads to death, sometimes during operation or after the procedure. It is true especially if the practitioner is inexperienced or unlicensed.
  • Anaesthesia overdose and complications. Another cause of death can occur due to the improper administration of anaesthesia to the patient. Overdose may happen. Some people are resistant to anaesthesia and may still feel pain during the operation. Patients may experience nausea and vomiting. They might also suffer hypothermia, sore throats and back pains, and possibly death.
  • Blood loss. Loss of blood during operations is possible. However, if there is uncontrollable blood loss, it could lead to the death of the patient. Internal bleeding is also another possibility.
  • Inflammation is common to wounds. However, this might also heighten the chance for infection and might require draining. Draining it even increases the likelihood for infection, and they have to open the wound again.

So are the risks worth It?

Complications can be deadly. But success rates are high as well. It might be worth trying out provided you can answer a few questions:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Have you had any problems with general anaesthesia before?
  3. Can you faithfully and responsibly follow post-operation care?
  4. Are there other things that might increase the risk of an operation (diabetes for example)?

If you answer “yes, no, yes and no” then it might be worth the shot. If one of these is the opposite then maybe you should try out other options to enhance your looks, rather than instantly getting them via an expensive operation.

In case you decided to continue with the plan, and you end up with serious issues, you can file an injury claim. You need to understand the risks that come with the procedure, and you also expect to get the best possible results. If it does not happen, the clinic must be accountable. Asking for damages is the best way to get justice.

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