Is a Professional iGamer a Legitimate Career Path

iGaming has become a bit of a buzz word. We are all iGamers in a sense, especially if we love to spend time playing social casinos or the freeplay mode games you will find all over the place.

Now a legitimate question rears its head. Can you turn this hobby into a full-blown profession? One that puts food on the table and leave you something extra to enjoy.

The answer is…

Difficult, but absolutely possible.

Becoming an iGaming Pro

You have to consider the volatility of this segment. There are many reasons not to go into it, but enough to keep the educated on their toes. Let’s look at the facts. The iGaming industry has been designed to keep you playing.

This is a fact.

And as such, it’s hard to dispute it. Of course, the most dangerous segment to engage in exploring is the video slots. With their RTPs ranging between 95% and 98%, it may look like you are making a solid return, but the plain fact of the matter is that luck is the determining factor here.

Perhaps some have been more successful in laying waste to the casinos. You ought to ask yourself if you can be them? And if the answer is yes – you will have to do some solid thinking.

You don’t want to rely on the abovementioned elusive little condition if you are truly after the professional aspect of it.

But the iGaming industry is hardly limited to swanky video or 3-D slots.

Not Counting Cards, But Crunching Odds

Believe it or not, online poker in America is one valid way to start your career path as an iGaming pro. But do consider the simple fact that poker differs greatly from all other aspects of the family.

It’s not about chance. It’s about skill, okay, and admittedly some luck, but luck can never determine the long-term outcome of how much you make playing poker. It seems that even the skill-rich game of cards is a haphazard adventure, as the story of Dale Philips reveals quickly.

Then again, pursuing a career such as this is quite possible, and yet a few caveats need to be met to guarantee that you won’t be at the mercy of sporadic internet.

A Few Tips Before Leaving the Day Job

It would appear that the most important aspect of becoming a professional iGamer is to pick a title well. This can be Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker, albeit Blackjack and Poker have the higher success rate, with poker clearly standing out by a significantly bigger margin.

If you can turn your side hobby into a source of meaningful income, it may be a time to quit your day job.

Still, do consider that a day job comes with something known as stability. It may be around longer and be the source of income over a larger period of time. Then again, if you can double or even triple your proceedings from playing in the iGaming industry, it may be worth it to quit and re-dedicate your efforts.

If things go awry, you will have solid savings behind your back to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

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