I’m Fully Legal! How to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday Vegas Style

Your 21st birthday is the birthday that trumps all other birthdays. It’s honestly the only birthday that you look forward to because turning 21 means that you’re really an adult… You technically become an adult when you turn 18 but turning 21 is a totally different ball game!

When you were about to turn the big one-eight, you were thinking of fun ways to celebrate your 18th birthday. Maybe you went and got your first tattoo… maybe you went on your first road trip with just your friends… and you had a blast! In fact, that might have been the best birthday you’ve ever had! Well, if you thought turning 18 was fun, wait until you turn 21!

As a 21-year-old, you’re a different kind of legal from the 18-year-old legal… Do you know what that big difference is? It’s practically EVERYTHING!! From the bars, alcohol, and loud music, your 21st birthday is definitely a night you will never forget (or won’t remember)! So being that you will have access to all of these grown-up treasures, what better way to celebrate than to bring in your 21st birthday in Vegas!

Why Vegas?

Well, Vegas is next level… and you turning 21 puts you on a new level so the only right thing to do is party it up in Vegas! From the show-stopping spectacles to the legal day-drinking with open containers, Vegas is the ultimate destination to utilize every aspect of being 21… just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

To speak on making sure what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, in Vegas, it’s legal to walk around with open containers… in your hometown, it’s probably not so don’t go back home from your Vegas trip and think that you can walk around the town and drink… you’ll be on your way to getting a ticket for public intoxication!


The Las Vegas Sun talks about how the city with lax alcohol law draws millions to drink publicly without the fear of getting arrested. Although publicly drinking is allowed, there a few regulations locals and visitors must follow. For example, there is no public drinking within 1,000 feet of any type of religious establishment, school, or hospital… stay away from those places and you’ll be just fine!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Explore Vegas in the Clouds With a Helicopter Tour

You can always WALK the strip and see all Vegas has to offer but you’re 21 now… you earned the right to get an aerial view of Vegas from the skies above! There are several helicopter tours available for you to choose from. On a helicopter tour, you will not only be able to see the Vegas Strip but you’ll also be able to see all the natural wonders of Vegas as well. The most anticipated natural wonder to see is the majestic Grand Canyon.

Experience VIP As Only a 21 Year Old Should

For the ultimate VIP experience, head over to 1 Oak nightclub. Located in the Mirage resort, 1 oak is not just a club where you can party like the rock star that you truly are… 1 Oak is an experience for all party goers. At 1 oak, you can go from partygoer to VIP status in a matter of minutes!

As a VIP guest, just turning 21, you’ll be able to experience these perks plus many more!

  • Plush ambiance
  • Signature cocktails
  • Music from up and coming artists
  • Free or reduced entry
  • Skip the long line

Being that you’re 21, and can have drinks, it’s only right that you have your drinks in one of Vegas’s top-notch bars on the strip! And while you’re at it, go on and reserve a private table so that you and your friends can dance the night away and then come back to your private table to refresh yourselves with a few more drinks, and then head back out to the dance floor!

Strike It Big in the Casinos

Now that you’re 21, you’re the legal age to gamble! How many times have you went a family member to a casino as a child and wanted to pull the lever of one of the big shiny slot machines? All kids want to! A casino is like an arcade but for adults… that’s probably why Vegas also has the nickname of being an “adult’s playground!”

One thing about being freshly 21 and going to a casino, you want to be a responsible gambler. What that means is, don’t blow all of your money in the casino! You have so much more to do to bring in your 21st birthday!

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