How You Treat Your Skin Today Affects How You Look Tomorrow: Svetlana Wickstrom Weighs In

As a young adult, you are probably sick and tired of all the little ‘life lessons’ your parents spout daily. However, although they might be overdoing it just a bit, there really is wisdom in much of what they say and you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Remember, they are telling you what they know based on life experiences and the many, many mistakes they have made along the way. When it comes to your skin, mother probably does know best! After all, she has the mirror to tell her just what she’s done right (or wrong!) over the years.

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What Svetlana Wickstrom Has to Say About This

So, who is Svetlana Wickstrom, and why does it really matter what she says? Actually, you would do well to listen to her, if not your mom, because Svetlana is the founder of a natural line of skincare products, Birdie and Peppers but beyond that, she is also a board certified histotechnician. What is that? To put it simply, she spent years looking through a microscope looking at tissue biopsies to examine whether those samples were diseased or healthy. When it comes to skin, Svetlana knows her business! Not only is she an expert in cosmetics but she is expert in the field of histology and that should count for something!

Being Trendy Is Good, But Healthy Skin Is Better

The biggest problem Svetlana has encountered over the years is all the damage those trendy cosmetics can do to your skin. Some of them have so many chemicals in them, it’s a wonder your skin doesn’t turn beet red and peel off! Others don’t have the appropriate SPF value and allow the damaging rays of the sun to damage your skin and others are the ultimate cause of acne breakouts. Believe it or not, some acne can be controlled by using better skincare products! It isn’t always about what you eat and the hormones raging through your body at this stage of your life.

Begin Using Antioxidants Early on and Your Older Self Will Thank You

What medical science has learned in recent years is that antioxidants can delay or even prevent the onset of many kinds of cancer. This has been proven time and again in laboratories and clinical settings and if you want to keep your skin cleansed of those microscopic monsters doing all that damage, you would be better off buying skincare creams, lotions and makeup formulated with antioxidants like vitamins A, E and other known effective antioxidants. Those premature age lines you are noticing on your mother’s face are almost certainly the result of too much exposure to the sun and a failure to use antioxidants in skincare products, and of course, get your fill in the foods you eat!

The point in all this is that you are young and it seems like there are years ahead of you before you will see any of those unwanted affects you are now being warned of. However, even girls in their 20s have damaged skin making them appear to be in their mid to late thirties and that’s something you want to avoid. If they look that age now, what will they look like when they really are approaching 40? Are they using a quality anti-aging supplement? Remember, what you put in your body and how you treat your skin today really does affect how you look tomorrow and that’s something you can control.

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