How Wise Tracking of Achievements Boost Motivation

Most students can devote time to track and think about their mistakes, but never take credit for small wins had while working on a task. But if only they can be monitoring their achievements, the motivation to do extraordinary things will come. According to a prolific writer from EWriting Service, Motivation is critical in the successful execution of any project. So take time to track your small wins, and you will receive the inspiration you never thought would come. Here are ways monitoring achievements boost your motivation.

  1. Boost confidence

If you feel you are not good enough to handle a specific task, tracking your accomplishments can change your mind set. Looking at the things you have single-handedly achieved, you will have the courage to forge ahead with the task at hand. Confidence is something that disappears from a person when he or she starts thinking negative. So if your mind is taking you to past incidences of poor results then begin tracking of your achievements and remind yourself of tremendous results you have had in your previous dealings.

That said boosting confidence will cause you to trust in your capabilities to get through with a task, which is one of the benefits that reminding yourself of your previous achievements does offer. Just spend the time to think of challenges you have solved, books you have read, impressive exams and test scores you recorded, can boost your confidence and motivation. In fact, you will discover that you have made significant progress that you did not know because you previously did not bother to track them.

Fear disappears when one is operating with confidence and motivation. And this can make difficult tasks simpler. So always record your achievements no matter how small. You will find out that you are making progress.


  • Write down the main goal
  • Break the bigger goals down into smaller units
  • Plan and write down how you intend to achieve your targeted goal
  • And lastly, record your small wins and reward yourself with positive compliments or something you feel you can afford.
  1. Activates the brain’s reward circuitry

Tracking achievements can have a positive impact on the brain itself. Even if the task is massive, reminding yourself of the little you have accomplished can reactivate the brain’s reward circuitry and boost motivation.

The thing is when you activate this pathway of the brain, a specific chemical called dopamine is released, which helps to uplift mood and offer the feel-good aura. Also, as a result of this chemical, you will get the sweet feeling that comes with a reward, and the right motivation to accomplish the rest of the task.

  1. No discouragement

Discouragement or having the mindset to discontinue planned task results when you allow yourself to reminisce about failed tasks. And once your mind wonders to this point, it is possible you might discover numerous reasons to quit.

But if only you could remind yourself of those little milestones your achievement and the manner in which you nailed them, you will find the right motivation to stay and see that task through to the end. You also need to understand that the size of those achievements does not count. What counts is that you have something you single-handled achieved.

So, as students, keeping track of everything that happened in the entire academic session is an ideal thing to do. But it should be about that project or test your performance was brilliant. Reminding yourself of that high test score can boost your motivation. The inspiration can also inspire you to perform brilliantly in your examination.

  1. Recognize progress

Record keeping is vital in every aspect of life. When you record every achievement or milestone you accomplish, you will be able to draw a better conclusion on whether you are making progress or not. Keeping track of your accomplishments will help you determine whether to change your plan or continue with the same idea. Of course, you will know the program that brought in better results and the one to discard. You will also identify strategies that are worth replicating.

  1. Sense of accomplishment

Having a sense of accomplishment can boost your motivation. And you can achieve this by recognising your achievements. Accomplishments are like petrol that powers an engine. And when a car does not have enough gasoline, it will not move any forward. And guess what, this same thing can happen when you cannot give an account of your accomplishments. You will feel you have wasted your time, whereas there are significant achievements you had that you could not identify.

That said keeping track of your achievements is one of the easiest ways to develop a sense of accomplishments. Your eyes will be open to incredible results you had achieved and how much progress you have made.

  1. Reduces pressure

It will be difficult for you to feel pressured when you know you are making a significant improvement in what you are doing. Even if you have not finished the entire task, the fact that you are still making progress will eliminate any pressure build-up

Pressure can cause you to make mistakes. So the best way to avoid pressure build-up and stay motivated when working on a cumbersome project is to record your achievements, the genius steps you took, and how far you have gone in achieving your entire plan. This simple act that would cost just a few minutes might boost your motivation and make your project successful.

Another benefit of taking records of your small wins is that you will end up having less to think or worry about. Think of the last time you made a move to buy college essay, and how it helped you to achieve your desired grade. You can record this as an achievement, and remind yourself of the incredible steps you took to find the perfect writing service. Not everyone is that lucky to find one.


You can boost your motivation in many ways. One of them is by keeping track of your small wins even before the completion of the entire project. Your accomplishment could be related to your performance on a test, writing help, or how you read to get better grades. You can choose to write them down or have them in your head to help you boost your motivation.

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