How to Pack Heavy Furniture for a Moving

All of us realize how difficult and exhausting a moving process can be. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving out of a big house or a small apartment, in both cases, a moving process requires a lot of time and preparation. The biggest problem you can face during a relocation is a heavy furniture. Packing and moving your sofa, wardrobe, and cupboards is a tough thing.

What we would recommend is hiring a professional team of movers to take care of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading those heavy furniture pieces you have. Though, sometimes it is a costly affair. So, is there a way out on how to move your stuff safely, helping your budget at the same time? What we advise is to save money on packing, but never save on transporting your furniture. Pack everything by yourself and hire a professional moving company to deliver everything to your new house. This is the most optimal decision you can make. By the way, choose Newport movers if you live somewhere in Newport Beach, California and look for a good mover.

So, how to prepare heavy furniture for a moving day?

Heavy Furniture Packing Tips

We’re going to look at different furniture types and the best methods of packing them by yourself:

  • Sofa;
  • Dining table;
  • Dining room hutch.


When packing a sofa, you need a few materials – shrink wrap, packing tape, and packing blankets. Wrap the sofa with a shrinkwrap, it will keep the outside moisture from damaging it. But never use it on leather furniture. Protect the upholstery of your sofa with the packing blankets. Use a packing tape on top to secure everything together.

Dining Table

First of all, dismantle the table. Never pack it as one whole piece. Then, wrap each piece using a bubble wrap, securing everything with a packing tape. Protect the corners of the table with the cardboard pieces, securing them with a packing tape again. Wrap the whole pieces of the table with cardboard to cover them completely.

Dining Room Hutch

This is probably one of the most difficult items of furniture to pack. Before wrapping the hutch itself, make sure that the inside shelving of wood or glass has been previously removed and packed. So, lay a packing blanket down on the floor, near the dining room hutch, which you’re going to move. Lift and pull the base of the top part of the hutch. Safely lift it off and place it down in the center of the packing blanket. Cover the front and sides of the hutch with another blanket. Use the tape to secure everything together around the hutch. Place a cardboard on the outside of the blanket against the glass front to protect it. Secure it with the tape one more time. That’s it. Wrap the lower part of the hutch the same way.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to pack your furniture and move out like a pro.


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