How to Improve Your Oral Health

Are you wondering how to improve your oral health? Perhaps you suddenly have noticed the dentist making more comments at the dental office. Perhaps you have noticed a few more aches and pains recently. Perhaps you are just ensuring your oral health is as good as possible. Regardless of your reason, we want to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job of looking into it. Keep reading as The Art of Modern Dentistry is here to explain some simple things that you can be doing in order to improve your oral health.

Take care of your teeth regularly

One of the best things that you can do for your teeth is to take great care of them. There are so many different ways that you can be doing this. Below we are going to get into some simple ones. Most of them like brushing your teeth you probably already know. It’s always great to get a quick reminder. Some are going to be some easy tips too. Remember that you don’t need to make dramatic changes right away. You can start by slowly making your way into these changes.

Avoid sugar

The next tip is to try and avoid sugar. Sugar is bad for your teeth because it can start to eat away at the enamel of your tooth. This means you are much more likely to have a cavity when you eat a lot of sugar than if you are not. Try starting by not eating as much candy, or looking for options without sugar, chew sugar-free gum, or simply stop eating as much sugar altogether. Not only will your teeth be so much happier with this switch, but your dentist also will too.

Avoid hard candy

Although hard candy is bad for your teeth because of the amount of sugar it has it in, it’s also bad because it can cause you to chip your tooth. That’s no fun and can cause you to run to the emergency room at the dentist and pay for a sudden bill. Hard candy can also get stuck in your teeth a lot easily making the sugars a lot worse for you. Do yourself a favor and simply stay away from hard candy.

If something hurts, go to the dentist

If something is hurting within your mouth, don’t put it off. The longer it sits there the more damage it is causing because it is probably only getting worse. That is why if something is hurting within your mouth, you should see a doctor immediately. They will be able to assist you and tell you exactly what is going on and how to fix it.

Get a cleaning every 6 months

The next recommendation is probably one that you have heard before. It’s important to go to the dentist every 6 months. This will ensure that there are no issues going on and it will keep your teeth a lot cleaner. If you are starting to have a problem without realizing it and you go to the dentist, the dentist in many times can clean it right out or help it before it actually becomes a cavity or something worse. That is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to go to the dentist every 6 months.

Swish your mouth after some drinks

After drinking coffee, red wine, soda, or any other sugary drinks, it’s a good idea to go and either brush your teeth or at least swish your mouth with water. This will take the sugars off your teeth so that they don’t sit there and eat away at your enamel. If you still drink any of those beverages, it’s okay, just make sure to do this quick dip following your beverage.

Try oil pulling

Have you heard of oiling pulling before? It can be very beneficial for your oral health as well as your overall health. Start by grabbing coconut oil and scooping a bit into your mouth. You then use it as mouthwash and after 15 minutes you will spit it into the trash can. During that time, you can cook, you can watch television, or you can do whatever you need to so that you are not just sitting at the sink for 15 minutes. Try and do this every single day and you will start to notice a huge difference. It will oil the bad foods, foods that are stuck on, and oil around your teeth. It can even pull some out of your body which is amazing!

Brush gently

The final tip we have is to ensure you are brushing your teeth gently. Many people don’t realize how much harm can be done when you brush too hard. They think that when you brush harder you will be brushing smarter. This is the opposite. Make sure that you are brushing at a 45-degree angle and brush softly. Don’t get a hard bristle brush. Opt for a soft or at the most a regular. It’s also important that you switch out your toothbrush every 3 months to ensure the bristles stay healthy and no bacteria is growing within your toothbrush and defeating the purpose of using it and cleaning your teeth.

As you can see, there are so many great and easy ways that you can be improving your oral health. We recommend starting slow. If you are already doing some of these, that’s great. Start by adding one or two to your regular routine. Once they become natural and a part of what you do on a regular basis, try adding another one. This will help you not to feel as overwhelmed and to make long-term adjustments which will really help your overall oral health. We hope this helps and you are on your way to a much healthier and beautiful smile!

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