How to Determine the Best Facial Treatments for You

A relaxing facial treatment can be a great way to boost the look and health of your skin. When you are looking for a little pampering, however, don’t be tempted to assume that all facial treatments are the same. Like other cosmetic treatments, facials come in all shapes and price tags. So, take your time to understand the best treatment option for you and evaluate the available offers carefully.

  • Your needs versus treatment options available

Even though you need a facial expert to advise you on the best treatment to opt for at certain times, you will save your time and money if you can figure out what you need before visiting a facial treatment facility. Medspas are in business and their staff will always recommend for your treatment extras. If you step into a medspa expecting basic treatments like massage and cleansing but end doing other treatments like alpha-hydroxy acid facials, you may end paying a lot more than you bargained for.

Create a list of the problems you would like to address like peeling skin, dark circles under the eyes, or acne around your chin. And if you are visiting a medspa for the first time, you can begin with basics and opt for additional treatments during your subsequent visits.

  • Skin type and needs

There are different skin types —from oily, normal, dry, to sensitive. As a result, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all facial treatment for all skin types. Know your skin type and the best type of treatment that’s suited for it before stepping into a medspa. You may also have different needs based on your skin type.

For instance, if you have oily skin, you may have issues with breakouts. And if you have normal skin, you may be looking for an anti-aging solution to combat wrinkles and fine lines. Before you decide on the best type of facial treatment to choose, take a look at your skin type and figure out the areas that you may want to improve. This way, you will give your aesthetician an easy time in designing for you the best treatment.

  • Don’t follow trends, stick with what works for you

Don’t be tempted to go after fashionable facial treatments or be bamboozled by some of the latest facial treatment gadgets that have been making headlines over the recent past. Remember that trends and technology in the beauty industry keep on changing. So, go for facial treatments, technologies, and products that match your skin type. “A good therapist should analyze your skin in detail before recommending any type of treatment, says the quality assurance manager at Renew Stem Cell and Laser Scottsdale. “Skin conditions tend to vary at different times of the year. For instance, your skin may change due to lack of sleep, after taking certain medications, poor diet, and stress among other factors. So, at every visit, your skin must be reassessed and treated appropriately instead of going with a random or a trending facial treatment. Your treatment should be tailored based on your current sensitivities and lifestyle.”

  • Express facials still work

At times, particularly if choosing the best facial treatment becomes a bit challenging, you can go with condensed versions that are offered as express treatments. One of the benefits of express facial treatments is the fact that they can act as weekly maintenance treatments that you can commit to for overall skin boost. Express treatments and other quick cosmetic solutions are often favored by many clients because they take less time but still get you the results that you need.

Like other facial treatments, go for express facials with professional products that can only be administered by an expert. High-end products tend to be more potent than over-the-counter or homemade facial products. They will, therefore, give you the best results.

  • Your budget

Your budget may also dictate the type of facial you should opt for. The best way to get good deals is to shop around and compare the available packages. Since treatment descriptions vary from one medspa facility to another, ensure that you double-check the available offers. To be sure of what a spa facility offers, ask as many questions as possible.

For instance, ask how long a facial treatment will last, how it will be done, the ingredients that are used and how it is priced. You can also check the medspa’s website for a quick overview of what past clients are saying about particular packages.

Some facial packages also include add-on services. Ensure that you check these as well. Remember that you are bargain hunting, so having the right information is the only way to ascertain that you are getting the best deal.

Facial treatments can be a great addition to your skincare routine and can even boost your looks and the health of your skin. Choose the best treatment by taking into account the above-highlighted tips.

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