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How to Deal With Homesickness in College

The thought of leaving home for college as a freshman is exciting, scaring and sometimes mixed feelings creep in. Even at that, you cannot stop fantasizing about all the things you are longing to do independently, but immediately you get to college you sink with homesickness. That freedom you eagerly waited for is not so sweet or a bed of roses after all; they have thorns here and there. In fact, no one ever thinks that they will sink into homesickness, but it is very common among freshmen. Even the strong ones who think they can never experience it; it can affect their functionality if they do not know how to handle it. You were used to getting help with your homework, but now no one is around to offer accounting homework help. Homesickness sets in be because one has been separated from their normal functions and they are away from the people they are used to. Luckily, there are several ways that one can confront homesickness so that they quickly bounce to concentrating on their school work.

Your feelings are normal

When undergoing college transition, new feelings creep in. It is not easy to leave things you were used to for so many years and start in a new place, around new people, and with a new culture altogether. This makes moving around very challenging because of the uncertainty and being introduced to new classes with new subjects leave you in pieces wondering if you really made the right college choice. No need to beat yourself up because of the feelings you are experiencing, just know you are normal and like any other normal human being, you are going through a change which is a process. To encourage you, homesickness is not only for freshmen every time there is a change in life, no matter the age these feelings set in, but change also takes place in phases. The first stage is when you are ‘excited’ to get to college and look forward to it, double checking if you have everything you need for your independent life. The second phase is the ‘shock’ phase where one experiences feelings of homesickness and withdrawal and the last phase is the ‘recovery’ where you get used to the changes and everything stabilizes. So knowing homesickness is normal and it lasts only for a time you will overcome.

Keep in touch

The fact that you have left home for college, it does not mean people at home are out of your life forever. So don’t be fooled by that feeling that lies to you that an adult can handle everything on their own, so you decide there is no need to call home. Keep in touch with all your people back at home and believe it, they are long to hear from you too. A simple phone call will reassure them that you are okay. If you want to call daily to catch on your favorite episode, then do so, it will make you feel better. If it makes feel better taking over the video call which is more effective than a call, initiate it. Real-time reactions relieve you of the stress. The updates you get on what is happening back home and to the people you love it puts your mind at ease.

Take time to visit home during weekends if you are an in-state student. If you are a bit far visit once in a while and take up the opportunities of relaxation to visit home and unwind. As much as you are missing home, they miss having you around too, so visit whenever you can.

Most colleges host parents in the institutions. This is a great opportunity to talk one on one as you enjoy each other’s company. The time you spend together is just a relief. Check if your college policies allow for visitors to stay for a night before you invite them for a sleepover.

Make an extra effort to mingle

Every time you are alone in your room or in the lecture halls homesickness sets in. Avoid being lonely by staying out of your room and finding productive activities to engage in. When you are out there attending meetings, explore facilities the campus has to offer and register for exciting events. This is the best way to quickly get your mind to build new patterns as you build your new life. When you realize that there is interesting stuff you need to take care of familiarity starts setting in your daily routine and your surroundings. There are lots of activities out there that will bring you joy eventually overtaking feelings of homesickness. If you feel that you are moving into depression visit the counseling center for professional help.

Find new acquaintances

It is really sad to realize that nobody knows you in college because you were previously fond of everyone around you even if they were not your close friends. Make it a point to make new connections around college and everywhere you go. For example, if you attend a lecture make a friend when you attend a college event make a friend. These connections will not only help you now they will be of great help in the future. Reach out to students who are ahead of you in the course you are taking in college. These connections come in handy when dealing with your studies; they have the best advice on the do’s and don’ts. They give you a head start with advice, real-life experiences and later in life as you look to join the field of work. Be sure to contact them always to seek their guidance which will take you far. This way you will even forget you are alone and in a new place.

Do not push homesickness away or store it up, deal with it. It is uncomfortable to get homesick, but your attitude about the whole situation is what will make you overcome this challenge as you have overcome many others before this. Focus on your studies with termpapereasy.com and keep your mind occupied. Do not allow negative thoughts to run through your mind surround yourself with positive people and know that you are in college for a purpose.



Experiencing homesickness is almost inevitable when joining a college for the first time. Leaving everything and everyone you are used to is challenging, but with the right coping techniques you can overcome it. Keep yourself busy and occupied with enjoyable and positive activities which will push negative feelings away.

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